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ActivityTools - How to make custom activities available
This blog article outlines how to make custom activities available.

ActivityTools for Dynamics 365 - Extended Features
This article outlines how you can activate extended features of ActivityTools. Steps described here can be necessary after installing ActivityTools from Microsoft AppSource or after an update to a newer version of AT.

How to enable debugging for ActivityTools in MS Dynamics 365?
This blog article outlines how to activate debugging for ActivityTools. Please note: The included information refers to Microsoft Dynamics 365 only!

Default Sort Order for ActivityTools
When set up by default configuration, ActivityTools sorts activities by a specific order. This article outlines how this default order works.

How to complete the ActivityTools' update from AppSource
This article outlines how the update process for the new ActivityTools AppSource version (2016.2) must be finished. !! This post is only relevant for you, if the below error message appears above your ActivityTools version.

ActivityToolsPluginExtension solution for ActivityTools
This article contains links to the ActivityToolsPluginExtension solution for ActivityTools. Please select which Microsoft Dynamics application you use and download the corresponding solution.