Join us at Community Summit Europe and eXtreme365 in Barcelona

Community Summit

The CommunitySummit Europe and the eXtreme365 were rescheduled
to June 29th - July 2nd 2020.

See you at eXtreme365, June 29- July 2 in Barcelona, Spain
See you at Community Summit, June 29 - July 2 in Barcelona, Spain

Meet us at Booth # M5! 

Booth #M5 

We at are proud to be Sponsor of  the Community Summit in Barcelona, one of the most engaging conferences in the industry. Community Summit brings Microsoft Business Applications users together to learn, collaborate, and connect about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Applications.

Why should YOU attend? 

Free of sales and marketing gimmicks, this event is designed and curated by the community to share real learnings, actionable practices, and valuable lessons, delivered by the experts in the industry, so you can put your new bits of knowledge to use the very next day. Enjoy Barcelona and get ready for 4 days of value-packed learning, connecting with like-minded peers, lunch meals and a nice welcome reception on the house, and the most fun you’ve had at a Community Summit ever.

Top reasons to attend Community Summit in Barcelona: 

  • You’ll learn all about the core Sales, Marketing, and Customer/Field Service Applications.
  • You’ll learn all about the core Finance and Supply chain management Applications and the Retail and Talent Applications.
  • You’ll learn how to run your entire small to medium-sized business with a single solution by streamlining your processes and make smarter decisions with a comprehensive business management solution.

What can YOU expect from our team?
We have specialized in developing add-ons and provide a high standard of knowledge, skills, and commitment. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of solutions, that simplify the Dynamics 365 user experience and save YOUR valuable time, money and database. Visit us to gain profound insight into all our solutions: 

  • Learn more about document automation in Dynamics 365 with DocumentsCorePack
  • Receive useful tips, eg how to create a Word template in less than 25 minutes!
  • Get a glimpse of how easy it can be to connect your phone system with Dynamics 365 via TelephoneIntegration
  • Reduce your Dynamics 365 data storage and save money thanks to AttachmentExtractor
  • Simplify your internal handling of activities and e-Mails and find out how to navigate like a pro in Dynamics 365!​


Register​ ​for: 
- Community Summit here
- eXtreme365  here

We will be happy to expand the limits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with YOU! 


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