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AttachmentExtractor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This service-based tool allows to move attachments from within CRM to either a SharePoint location or a fileshare. Therefore, it helps to save precious database space in CRM. Furthermore, the addon enables various indexing & search options via SharePoint and the Microsoft Search Server functionality.

Supported platforms: CRM 2011, CRM 2013, CRM 2015, CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)
Getting Started
CRM 2015 / CRM 2016
CRM 2011 OnPremise
CRM 2013 OnPremise
What license do i need?
Open the wizard to view license options and find the best choice for your business!
Package Costs
Small (1-20 Users) $ 1440
Medium (21-100 Users) $ 3600
Large (101-300 Users) $ 5765
Enterprise (300+ Users) on request
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Getting Started
An msi-file is provided for download. Running the msi will import the solution into your CRM-system and install the service configuration.
Take a look in the installation & userguides for detailed instructions and to create awareness of the capabilities.
How it works & Application scenarios
Attachments of emails and notes can be replicated or extracted to a SharePoint location or a fileshare. If extracted, the attachment is replaced with a link to the file on the chosen file storage.
Sensitive documents like invoices, quotes contracts and all kind of attachments can automatically be copied to a seperate storage like a lokal fileshare or SharePoint
Comparing annual cloud storage costs of about 50GB reveals a huge difference between CRM-Online (~ 6.000 $) and SharePoint-Online (~120 $). Therefore, expensive CRM-online data storage costs can be saved by switching to alternative storage options using the AttachmentExtractor.
Independent on whether you copy or extract your documents the user will not see any difference when workinginside CRM.
In addition to attachments, email- and note–contents can be replicated for indexing purposes. If the extracted file is saved on a SharePoint location, it can be indexed and therefore searched via the MS Search Server functionality.
Running as a service, the Service-Setup allows to define extraction parameters, storage options and the CRM-connection in one simple user-interface.

AttachmentExtractor process

Folders and Attributes in SP

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