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DocumentsCorePack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

allows a fast and easy document creation based on CRM data. Based on MS Word-templates, the Server- and/or Client based document generation provides you with a set of tools to create and process documents inside CRM.

Note: For details about the migration of  AutoMerge into DocumentsCorePack, please click here

Supported platforms: CRM 2013, CRM 2015, CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)
Getting Started
Package Costs/mo
Small  $ 89
Medium  $ 199
Large $ 390
Enterprise on request
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Package Costs
Extra-Small (1-10 Users) $ 800
Small (11-30 Users) $ 1500
Medium (31-80 Users) $ 3700
Large (81-140 Users) $ 6200
Extra-Large (141-300 Users) $ 12500
XXL (301-600 Users) $ 23600
Enterprise (601+ Users) on request
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Pricing for Client Based Document Generation
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Getting Started
To install DocumentsCorePack in OnPremise/IFD CRM environments a msi-file is provided for download. Running the msi will import the solution into your CRM-system and provide you with the printing service.
DocumentsCorePack provides a server-based and a client-based tool to create and process documents. A simple web setup provides you with all the DCP features in a few minutes.
Client/Server Based Document Generation
Click on the video icon to see the difference between Client and Server Based Document Generation.
Templates are based on MS WORD. The Word-integration of our "Template designer" allows to easily generate templates supporting all fields from MS CRM. See features of the document generation engine for details.
Click on the video icon to see the "CommandBar"-integration of the server-based document generation in action. It provides the most efficient way to generate and process documents.
Click on the video icon to see the client-based document generation in action. It provides the possibility to generate the document in MS WORD. This allows to edit the document before it is sent or saved back to CRM.
Template Design and Document Features
Utilize the power of MS Word
All templates used by DocumentsCorePack are based on MS Word. Thus, you don't have to be an SSRS-expert with programming knowledge to get going. It's easy to-do with no limitation on Word formatting

MS Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013.
DocumentsCorePack supports all, standard, custom and system fields to be used inside your documents. No limit on the number of CRM-fields.
Our Addon supports all relationship-types of MS CRM. Thus you can e.g. use fields from e.g. the potential customer of a quote. From there you can go further and retrieve information of the primary contact. It is supported to go up to 10 levels deep.
Define in the template a dynamically generated document/filename or define a specific subject name of the activity generated with that document.
DocumentsCorePack allows to automatically insert tables for  One-to-Many, as well as many-to-many relationships like a list of quote products of a quote. One:Many and Many:Many relationships are supported.
 - Use dynamic pictures saved in CRM or on a web location in the documents.
 - Generate and embed QR-codes dynamically based on CRM-data.
 - Protect generated documents with static passwords or passwords based on CRM -field-values.
The Document Generation Engine supports to generate following file formats:

docx, pdf, doc, text, html, xps,png , jpeg, epub, bmp

docx, pdf, xps, doc, odt
Actions available after the Document Generation
Once the document is generated, the document can be set up to automatically store it in MS SharePoint. It will be saved to the associated Document Location defined in the Microsoft SharePoint integration for MS CRM or what ever location defined in the template.
Save the generated documents to CRM-records automatically. This e.g. enables you to attach the document to an email or to any other entity (leads, accounts,..).
Attention! This feature is only provided in the MS CRM On-Premise version.
The FileExplorer integration provided by DocumentsCorePack Client generates a separate folder for each record and gives you so a structured and easy way to add files/shares to your records in CRM.
DocumentsCorePack provides several different mailing featuers including
  - send documents attached to an emial as pdf,docx,txt,png, jpg,...
  - place the content of the document as email content.
  - automated mailing by making use of the server-based tools.
Features of the Server-Based-Document Generation
No Client Application
All the document are generated on the server. Therefore no client installation is required. With that you can even trigger a document generation from a tablet, phone or any other device with a connection to MS CRM.
Custom Dialog
With this custom dialog we provide with the Server-Based Document Generation you can directly after the installation start using the product without the need of designing your own process or dialog to see the product in action. Click to see a common Workflow-setup.
Integration into Workflows
Automation is key in order to speed up busines processes. With the ability to perform document-specific operations in workflows the Server-Based Document Generation provides a powerfull tool to optimize your processes. Click to see a common Workflow-setup.
Integration into Dialogs
With the ability to add document generation to dialogs, the Server-Based Document Generation opens up to meet a broad range of business requirements. Click to see the dialog-setup.
With the Server-Based document generation it is possible to generate the document in a workflow and print it to a local printer on which the service is installed or use a Google-Cloud-Printer. The printers can be defined in the service and can be reused in the workflows.
Features of the Client-Based-Document Generation
Utilize the power of MS Word
The Client (Add-In for MS Word) will open the generated document and you have the possibility in MS Word to easily modify the result. After you finished with that you have several possibilities in Word to save the document to the customer as pdf or save it back to MS CRM or MS Sharepoint with the Ribbon-Bar from our Client (picture of the ribbon).
Offline Compatibility
DocumentsCorePack can be used without any restrictions in CRM offline mode. All documents created by a user are saved on the client's temporary and synchronized when the user goes online again.
With the bulk merge functionality, DocumentsCorePack Client enables users to create multiple documents all at once. It provides several possibilities after the document generation, such as
*)combining all generated documents to one single document whilst maintaining the page numbering
*)storing all generated documents in one folder
*)sending the documents to a printer
*)creating activities with the generated documents as attachments.
MS Office The DocumentsCorePack client integrates into MS Word and MS Outlook. The document will be generated in MS Word and with our Add-In you have all possibilities to easily generate activities or save the document back to Crm in various file formats. With the integration into MS Outlook you are able to send quotes easily as pdf to your customers and the email will be prepared in MS Outlook for the user.
Licensing possibilities
Depending on your needs we offer Server- and/or Client- licenses.
If you answer the following questions with "Yes" you need Server-Based Document generation license:
  1. Do you want to generate documents based on a workflow or dialog?
  2. Do you want to avoid the installation of a client based software on all your users machines?
If you answer the following questions with "Yes" you need a Client-Based Document generation license:
  1. You want to generate the document in MS Word to confirm or modify before processing?
  2. You need to generate documents offline?

License for Server-Based document generation
The license for the Server-Based document generation is based on the amount of active users in your CRM. The Server-Based license always comes with one Template Designer license. If you need more you can purchase additional DocumentsCorePack Client licenses.
We have two ways to license the Saver-Based document generation:
  1. Online Subscription
    This is the correct licensing method if you have CRM Online and don't want to install anything locally on your environment. Depending on the size of your MS CRM Organization you can decide between Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise. Details can be found here.
  2. On-Premise purchase
    This version can be installed on your CRM server (On-Premise or IFD). Depending on the size of your MS CRM Organization you can decide between the different packages. You can find the prices in the navigation on left.

License for Client-Based document generation
You can license the "Client-Based" document generation in two differen ways.
Normal license: Requires as many licenses as there are active users in CRM.
Per User license: If you do not want to purchase a license for all your users you should take the per user model. The limitation you have with this model is that you have to purchase initially at least 10 licenses.
If you have questions regarding the licensing, I would recommend to contact us. We are happy to help you finding the best way to license the product.
Find the best way to contact us here.

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