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How to save generated documents to a specified SharePoint URL

In this blog article, you will learn how the DocumentsCorePack ServerBased functionality can be used to save generated documents to a specified SharePoint URL in a workflow. More information about how to create a workflow can be found here. We will skip this part and focus on the step which saves the generated documents to SharePoint. 

Therefore, we have to create a new AutoMergeWorkingItems, which makes sure that the generated document will be saved to a specified SharePoint URL. To do so, please add a new step to your workflow and set click on the  [Set Properties]-button. The properties for this step could look like in the example below: 


❷ AutoMergeAction
Open the drop-down menu and select CreateDocumentSelect this option to create a document in any Microsoft Dynamics 365 standard and/or custom entity.

❸ PrimaryRecordUrl
Insert the PrimaryRecordUrl here by using the Form Assistant on the right side (highlighted in yellow). A description of how to set a PrymaryRecordsUrl-field can be found in this blog article

❻ Direction
Select the direction of your SharePoint service here. In this case "Entity to SharePoint" because we want to save a generated document based on an entity to SharePoint. 

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