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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface limitations

This article describes missing functionalities of our add-ons in comparison to the Dynamics 365 default UI with the new Unified Interface. In the new UI, styling and functionality have changed. Due to this fact is it possible that our functions behave differently as well. Such changes are not part of this list.

We are working to fix these non-functional points, as far as the new Unified Interface allows it from the technical point of view.

This list takes the newest available version as reference. 


  • “Close Activity” button is not available.
  • “Full Screen” feature is not available.
  • “Advanced Email Editor” is not available.
  • Resolving unrelated email addresses do not work.
  • Add to “Social Pane” is not possible.
  • AT custom email signature does not work. 


  • No known issues

DocumentsCorePack Server based

  • No known issues

DocumentsCorePack Client based

  • “Export to Word” fly-out-button for direct template selection is not available (only the default button).
  • “Export to Word” button: It is not possible to start the process for all records of the “Current view” in case of a grid with more than one pages.


  • Opens new and existing records in default UI (does not consider appId).


  • Web Configuration opens the “ PowerSearch Config” records in the default UI ( PowerSearch Config records do not work).


  • On navigation to related records (subgrid) the defined view is not selected automatically -> The grid shows a default view.
  • Only those SmartBar buttons work which have the corresponding relationship (navigation entry) on the current Dynamics 365 form.
  • Displaying the number of related records directly in the Dynamics 365 menu is not available.
  • “Scroll to” buttons do not work.
  • Custom JavaScript buttons will behave differently.
  • Opens area configuration (via settings icon) in default UI (does not consider appId).



  • “Call Number” fly-out-button for direct number selection is not available (only the default button).
  • Extended Click2Dial functionality limitation: At least one phone field has to be placed in the first form-section.


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