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SharePoint Redirecting

AttachmentExtractor v.2017.21 and newer support redirecting the SharePoint access to a different server.

All Attachments moved to Sharepoint are saved as a link in Dynamics CRM. If you are moving to a new Sharepoint, AE can redirect the Sharepoint access for its AccessOnDemand-plugins to a different server.

To enable this behavior, you need to manually create a setting for the AttachmentExtractor product as described here (Link)

Name: SharepointRedirects

Value: A pipe (|) separated pair of strings defining the original Sharepoint location and the replacement one.

Example:  https://old_sharepoint|https:/new_sharepoint

 If required, multiple redirects can be defined, separated by semicolons (;)

Example:  https://old_sharepoint/account|https:/new_sharepoint/account;https://old_sharepoint/contact|https:/new_sharepoint/other_contact


  • This does NOT move the actual files on SharePoint, but only redirects the links saved in CRM, when using the retrieve plugins of AttachmentExtractor.
  • Multiple redirects are evaluated in order of definition and will stop on the first match


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