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How to enable debugging for AutoMerge


Please note: this article applies to CRM Onpremise 2011 2013 2015


This article provides you with a step-by-step instruction on how to enable debugging
for AutoMerge in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Step 1:
Navigate to Settings > Solutions in the AutoMerge configuration and check the checkbox next to AutoMergeServerCore.

Figure 1: Check AutoMergeServerCore

Step 2:

In the AutoMerge Config, check Active Debugging and Active File Debugging. It is very important to check both boxes. Click on the [Save]-button in order to proceed.

Step 3:
File-debugging is now active and the logfiles will be saved in the log-folder in your AutoMerge installation-folder.
Navigate to the installation-path of AutoMerge and send the files in the log-folder with an error description to our support

C:\Program Files (x86)\PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH\AutoMerge for Microsoft CRM 2011\log

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