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“Insert Computed-Field” - formatting options for number and money-fields

This article outlines the formatting options for number and money-fields within the “Insert Computed-field”-function (.docx).

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2013, v6.11 and higher. All our add-ons come with an unlimited 14 days free trial. Please click here to download and test it!

The “Insert Computed-Field”-button allows you to make basic arithmetical operations with CRM-number and –money-fields. Click here for more information about this functionality.

Once you have finished, click into your ‘Computed Field’ and click on “Field properties” in the ‘'”-ribbon at the top. See next screenshot:

Figure 1: Open the field properties

Following window appears:

Figure 2: The field properties of the computed field.
In this window, fields can be changed and an optional name can be defined. By clicking on [Change Format] following window appears: 

Figure 3: Set field properties

Type – this shows the inserted field type.
Name: this shows the name of the inserted field.
Example: this shows the actual display field format. 
Type – click on the drop down button to choose from different display options.
(See next screenshot, click to enlarge)

Figure 4: Field properties - type

Culture: this shows the culture format.

Figure 5: Field properties - culture

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