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How to embed SmartBar as a WebResource

Please follow this step-by-step instruction to properly embed SmartBar as a webresource into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM).


Step 1: Open the entity into which you want to embed SmartBar (here: Sample Account 1 ) and click on the [Form]-button in the command bar.

Figure 1: Command bar – [Form]-button

Step 2: In the next window select the Insert-tab and select the [Web Resource]-button .

Figure 2: Insert webresource

Step 3: The Add Web Resource-window opens. Look for ptm_SmartBar/MainPage.html in the web resource field. If it does not appear automatically, press the [Look up More Records]-button .

Figure 3: Look for Ptm_Smartbar/MainPage.html

Step 4: The “Look up record”-window appears. As soon as you have found the correct file, please mark it and click on the [Add]-button.

Figure 4: Look up Record-window

Step 5: Now, the Add Web Resource-window appears again. Please name your web resource and insert the name in the Name*-field . Next, click on the [OK]- button in order to proceed.

Figure 5: Add Web Resource

Step 6: In the next window, drag and drop the new form to its future place.

Figure 6: Drag and drop the new form

Step 7: Once finished, please go back to the Home-tab and click on the [Save]-button and the [Publish]-button.

Figure 7: Home-tab

Step 8: Now the following window appears.

Figure 8: Publishing customizations…

Step 9: Please return to the entity you wanted to add SmartBar. Refresh the page. Your entity should appear similar to the one in Figure 9.

Figure 9: Example result

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