Recap Summit NA 2021

Summit NA 2021

Recap: Summit NA, October 12-15 in Houston, TX

Thank you for joining us at Summit NA in Houston! As business starts to return from the pandemic, it was time to get back to business, back to community and back to the magic of in-person learning! The best way for people to move their careers and businesses forward is by sharing intelligence, exchanging ideas and collectively solving common problems. This kind of collaboration can only happen in person. It was a pleasure for us to be part of such a great experience!

Summit NA was packed with informative and educational sessions to deliver end-to-end learning around all versions of Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Team Summit NA 2021


Summit NA was amazing and full of great people. From the very first moment, we knew that being a sponsor had been a great decision. All in all, the event was a complete success for partners and customers. Being part of this event was a great and really very special experience! We want to thank the organizers of that outstanding event for their commitment!  

 There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.
– William Butler Yeats