Telephone Integration for MS CRM 4.0



Telephone Integration for MS CRM 4.0

Telephone Integration
connects your telephone system(PBX) with Microsoft CRM 4.0.

Incoming Calls
If an incoming call is detected, a window pops up from the taskbar displaying details of the caller. The information shown in this balloon depends on the server-settings and if the number can be found within CRM. If so, it shows up e.g. name, number, e-mail address, etc.. and the regarding entry is opened automatically.

Outgoing Calls
It’s possible to start a call directly from within CRM. Therefore a new button is placed in CRM.

 With a click a new dialogue which states all available numbers of the regarding CRM-record (e.g. account, contact, lead…) is opened and users can choose the number to dial and start the call immediately.

Furtheron users have got the possibility to use the “direct call” functionality of the Telephone Integration balloon.

The call can be started from the balloon. Recent used numbers are accessible in the context menu.


TI provides three interfaces to connect your phone system with MS CRM.
All available features are supported with each integration, thus, TI-functionalities do not depend on the interface.
  • Direct connection via TAPI (requires TAPI driver)
  • OCS (Office Communications Services)-integration
  • Skype integration


Telephone Integration provides two visualization options:


Simple Balloon: Shows up basic caller information. Other options are hidden for better performance. The Popup is similar to the Microsoft TM Outlook Email Popup

Professional Balloon: Displays detailed caller information and time for the actual and most recent calls (e.g. the 10 last ones).
Additionally it shows up all options, like “open record, create account, create contact, create activity” and the “direct call”-box.


The Add-on is capable to create activities on both, incoming and outgoing calls. It’s possible to set the behavior on each client and decide if a new phone call activity should be created / stored automatically on lifting the earphone, if a new activity should be created for unrecognized users too or if a new e.g. Contact should be created if the caller is unknown.

 Telephone Integration keeps detailed track on previous calls. This allows to analyze calling times and and quickly call back by selecting any previous phone call. Additionally, the history allows users to create contacts, account, phone call activities subsequently.

Offline capability
There is no limitation on our Telephone Integration when a user goes offline with CRM.

Successfully tested on:
  • ALCATEL OmniPCX Office
  • Nortel BCM 50
  • Siemens HiPath 3550 V5.0 / Hipath 3000
  • 3com VOIP system, SuperStack 3 NBX Network Telephony
  • Televantage 6
  • Avaya S8500 Communication Manager 3.1
  • Auerswald Commander Basic 2
  • Cisco Call Manager
  • Asterisk with xTelsio-TAPI-driver
  • ...
Technical conditions
OCS or Skype or TAPI 2 or TAPI 3 for direct connection

  "Normal" license "per User" license
Product Price Amount
Support & Maintenance
per year /license
Price  amount
Support & Maintenance
per year/license
TI Server (5 CALs incl.) 600€ *5 120€ 600€ 5 120€
TI Client CAL 110€   24€ 110€   24€

"Normal"  license(*1): Requires as many licenses as there are active users in CRM:                         
"Per User" license: If you do not want to purchase a license for all your users you should take the per user model. The limitation you have with this model is that you have to purchase initially at least 10 licenses.

  Prices exclusive of VAT