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For a comprehensive understanding of the flow and destination of data, please refer to our two data flow diagrams:

For DocumentsCorePack: DCP Data Flow Diagram
For AttachmentExtractor: AE Data Flow Diagram
Customers have full control over this aspect whether through DocumentsCorePack's Template Designer or by adjusting settings in AttachmentExtractor. They have the ability to define the data to be processed, potentially including personal information.
This choice is also left to the customer. During service configuration, you choose the data center (location) where the service will operate.
By default, the data center with the optimal bandwidth connection to the customer's Dynamics 365 instance is preselected.

Full list of possible locations
The cloud service communicates securely with Dynamics 365 web services using methods provided by the Dynamics 365 SDK (TLS 1.2, OAuth authentication).
No, during the standard document generation, data is solely retained in memory and not stored beyond the document creation process. However, there are two exceptions:

1. Debugging enabled by customer
2. Large document package requests

In both exceptional circumstances, data is stored in distinct folders on the same Azure server as the service, ensuring limited access and encrypted with 256-bit AES. Furthermore, the data is automatically deleted after 14 days.
Yes, the service runs on one of our servers hosted in the Microsoft Azure Datacenter.

Third-party compliance: Azure Compliance Overview

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