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Activities and especially emails are key, when it comes to engaging with customers and thus core to any Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement setup.

Our solution facilitates the management of activities and emails by delivering an Outlook-like interface within the Dynamics 365 platform. ActivityTools is seamlessly integrated into Dynamic 365 and model-driven forms and offers a range of functionalities, such as the ability to establish email signatures or default senders for each Dynamic 365 user.

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Easy activity handling in a more powerful timeline


Dynamics 365

ActivityTools is available for all Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement modules:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation



Power Apps

ActivityTools is a powerful productivity tool that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Power Apps. With ActivityTools, you can empower your own app with an Outlook-like experience.

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All your activities in one place

The Activity & Email Preview feature gives you a comprehensive 360° overview of your activity records and offers a user experience similar to that of Outlook. Preview all emails and activities associated to a record without the need to open each activity separately.

Moreover, ActivityTools can be integrated into any table, such as "Opportunities" for a complete view of the sales history and "Incident" for a direct view of the service history.

Reduce Clicks

With the fully customizable preview pane, you can view and access activities and attachments without the need to open their corresponding activities.

User adoption

Easily manage all your related activities and emails in one place. Giving you the power to take control of your workflows like never before with full customizability to adapt to your individual business demands.

High performance

Our solution prioritizes performance by loading records in reverse chronological order (load on demand), similar to most email clients, which allows for quick loading times, even for records with a large number of related activities.

Search & filter options

A combination of advanced search capabilities and filtering options, enabling users to easily locate the information they need. This includes options for quick search, content search, and data range search.

Easy to deploy

You can easily embed the Activity Preview as a web resource into both standard and custom entity forms with full customizability options for the List and Preview Pane.

List and Preview Pane

You can effortlessly navigate through the activity list while simultaneously viewing your activity in the Preview Pane. Both, the List and the Preview Pane are fully customizable to meet your requirements.


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