Activity Tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps

Activities are a crucial component in every Dynamics 365 environment. Since we know this, we developed ActivityTools for you. 

Our solution simplifies the handling of activities and e-mails by providing an Outlook Look & Feel experience when dealing with activities in Dynamics 365. Fully integrated into Dynamic 365 forms, ActivityTools stands out thanks to features like defining e-mail signatures or default-senders for every Dynamic 365 user.

Supported platforms: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & PowerApps

Online & OnPremise CRM 2011 up to Dynamics 365 V9.X 

Activity and E-mail Preview

The Activity & E-mail Preview provides you with a 360° view of your activity records while providing an Outlook-like user experience. All activities related to a record are shown in previews. There is no need to open every single activity. 
ActivityTools can be embedded in any entity! E.g. find a complete view of the sales history in the entity "Opportunities" and a direct view on the service history in the entity "Incident". see more

  • List and Preview Pane see more

    Simply browse through the activity list while getting an instant view on your activity in the preview pane.

  • Reducing Clicks

    The fully customizable preview pane allows you to see and access activites and attachments without opening the corresponding activities
  • Search & Filter Options

    Advanced search capabilities are combined with filter options to ensure that your users will find what they are looking for and allow users Quick Search, Content Search and Data Range Search.
  • Load on Demand

    Performance is key! The solution loads records "on-demand" in reversed chronological order as most email-clients. This ensures fast loading times - even on records with tons of activities related.
  • Custom Activitiessee more

    The view fully supports standard and custom activities.
  • Related Activity Views 

    Simply display activities related to a child record.
  • Easy to Deploy

    The Activity Preview can simply be embeded as a webresource into entity forms, supporting standard and custom entities.
  • InBox: My Activities View

    The My Activities view and the My Emails view show all activities/emails related to a Dynamics 365 user.
  • Form Designersee more

    The Form Designer allows to configure the preview for each activity type.