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for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

TelephoneIntegration was created to address the challenge of managing calls and Dynamics 365 simultaneously.

Its features, including Caller Recognition and Click-2-Dial, will enhance your daily phone tasks and ensure proper tracking within Dynamics 365. Other features, such as Power-Dialer and Chat-Integration, complement our comprehensive CTI-solution, enabling you to optimize your use of Dynamics 365 while saving time and resources.

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Dynamics 365

TelephoneIntegration is available for all Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement modules:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation



Power Apps

TelephoneIntegration can enhance your app with advanced telephony features. For example, you can add Click-2-Dial functionality to your app, allowing users to initiate calls directly from the app. Moreover, it can help automate workflows in Power Apps by triggering events and activities in response to incoming calls.

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Connect your telephone system to Dynamics 365

TelephoneIntegration features a primary User Interface called the Balloon, which enables users to manage both incoming and outgoing calls.

Our tool also offers screen-pops and caller recognition, allowing users to quickly identify who is calling. Additionally, the Click-2-Dial function streamlines the dialing process within Dynamics 365.

Caller Recognition

After identifying a call, our CTI system will retrieve data from Dynamics 365 and shows associated details about the caller.

Screen Pops

You can set up Dynamics 365 to automatically display relevant phone call activities and records when you receive or make a call.


With Click-2-Dial, calling prospects and customers has never been easier. In Dynamics 365, this feature is conveniently located next to any phone number field, accessible from both the search and CommandBar.


Our calling feature revolutionizes the way you communicate with your customers, providing an effortless and streamlined experience. Say goodbye to clunky, complicated interfaces and hello to intuitive calling that anyone can use.

Automatic Activity Creation

Keep track of every important phone call effortlessly with our automatic activity creation and saving feature. This ensures that all of your data is securely recorded and stored within Dynamics 365, providing a seamless experience.

Power Dialer

Boost your campaign success rates with our Power Dialer feature. With advanced call queue technology that's semi-automated, you can maximize productivity and streamline your calling process based on campaign activities.

Integrated Search

You can quickly and easily search Dynamics 365 without ever leaving your current screen. This keeps you focused and improves your workflow efficiency.

Call Statistics

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your sales and service teams with our advanced calling time analysis feature.... You can easily track and optimize your team's performance, identify areas for improvement, and take your business to the next level.Read more


Each user can configure the size and behavior of the listed calls to suit their individual needs.

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By using the history feature, users can analyze their calling patterns and improve their calling times.... They can also easily search and call numbers that are stored in the history.Read more

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Call from related records

TelephoneIntegration can be configured to automatically search for phone numbers associated with related records and enable users to make calls directly from those records.



Compatible to almost all major telephone manufacturers

In order to ensure compatibility with a wide range of phone systems, we continuously incorporate interfaces for various phone providers. We take pride in the fact that our solution functions smoothly with the majority of phone systems currently available in the market (for example: SIP-Phones, Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, Alcatel, Shortel, Asterisk, RingCentral, NumberVOIP and more).

However, in the rare case that it doesn't, our SDK empowers customers and partners to create a custom wrapper tailored to their specific environment.


Is my phone system supported?

In a few simple steps it is easy to determine if your phone system is compatible with TelephoneIntegration. Follow this procedure to do so:

1. Download our free phone test tool.
2. Once you extract it, run PhoneTest.exe.
3. Choose the communication channel you prefer (either TAPI or SIP).
4. Perform a test for an incoming call.
5. Conduct a test for an outgoing call.
6. Assess the outcomes.

If you have any questions about the Phone Test tool, you can read more about it here or contact us.

This solution is easy to manage and to deploy and to use with different CE Apps / Unified Interfaces. The support team is very responsive and help in any case. Not yet tried to connect with best of breed telephone units but the search and response of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement information is very quick. Good work mscrm-addons team!


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