AttachmentExtractor for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Database space is expensive - this is why we developed AttachmentExtractor.
Save precious database space in Dynamics 365 by extracting attachments from your Dynamics 365 environment to an alternative storage. Attachment Extractor stands out thanks to features like archiving of documents, black and white-lists, dynamic creation of file system or by making use of the native Dynamics 365 SharePoint integration.

Supported platforms: Dynamics 365 (Sales / Customer Services / Field Services / Project Services Automation), OnPremise, Hosted (IFD) and CRM 2011 up to CRM 2016 - Online




Reduce Dynamics 365 Database Storage

Did you know that up to 70 percent of the average Dynamics 365 database consists of attachments? 

Thanks to AttachmentExtractor there is a simple way to reduce your Dynamics 365 Data Storage. The tool copies files to either SharePoint, AzureBlobStorage or a FileShare and creates valuable space in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data storage.see more

  • SharePoint Integration

    Fully integrated to SharePoint, email attachments and notes can be automatically extracted to the correct document location. If a location is missing, our tool will create it for you. AttachmentExtractor users do not need SharePoint Access to access moved content (2017 and Azure). 

  • AzureBlobStorage

    AttachmentExtractor supports AzureBlobStorage (ABS) for storing large amounts of unstructured object data, such as text or binaray data. ​

  • FileShare (only OnPremise)

    AttachmentExtractor supports FileShare as an alternative storage. 

  • Replication of Sensitive Documents

    The whitelist allows to e.g. copy all documents related to invoices or contracts to an alternative storage.

  • Cost Reduction 

    Dynamics 365-Online storage:
    9,99 USD per GB and month
    SharePoint storage:
    0,2 USD per GB and month!
  • Archivation of Data
    AttachmentExtractor allows data storage based on datetime-values inside Dynamics 365 (e.g. everything older than 2 years).


  • Indexation and Search Features

    In addition to attachments, emails and notes, contents can be replicated for indexing purposes.
  • No change in Dynamics 365 UI 

    Users access files directly from within Dynamics 365.




The Service-Setup allows to define extraction parameters, storage locations , storage options and the Dynamics 365-connection in one simple user-interface.

  • Scheduler

    Set up a schedule for the service to perform tasks. E.g. extract only at the weekend or extract only from midnight to 5am in the morning.
  • Blacklist / Whitelist

    Set up the service to touch only emails related to certain entities (Whitelist) or block certain entities from being touched by the service.
  • Extract Note and Email Content

    Besides documents, AttachmentExtractor can be configured to extract email or note content. This is useful for indexing and searching. 
  • Dynamic Save Locations

    With the option to choose save locations based on values of Dynamics 365 attributes custom logic can be added to the extraction process.