SmartBar for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps 

Navigation between related records is often exhausting - this is why we developed SmartBar. 
SmartBar facilitates navigation between related Dynamics 365 records and can be customized by every user to fit personal Dynamics 365 requirements. All standard and custom entities are supported.


Supported platforms: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & PowerApps

Online & OnPremise CRM 2011 up to Dynamics 365 V9.X 


Smart & Simple Navigation

SmartBar allows its users to navigate smart and fast between related records in Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

The tool consists of many valuable features that allow, e.g. simple back and forth navigation.  see more

  • Simple Navigation within Dynamics 365 Entities

    The SmartBar persists when switching to related entities enabling a simple back and forth navigation.

  • "Buttons" Represent the Related Records

    A number next to the "Buttons" shows the number of related records per entity.
  • SmartBar Counts and Displays Related Records

    With a click on the drop-down-button, related records can be opened in the current or in an extra window.
  • User Focus

    Draws attention of users to relevant inoformation.

Customize SmartBar

Besides its easy-to-handle "Buttons", SmartBar shows up with a few additional settings in order to provide high-quality-usability and to individualize Smart Bar.

Make your MS Dynamics experience unique and special! 

  • Embed SmartBar in any Dynamics 365-Form

    Additional settings allow users to display SmartBar vertical or horizontal in a previously chosen Dynamics 365-form

  • Delete, Add and Rearrange the "Buttons"-Order

    Add or delete "Buttons" from the bar or simply rearrange their order via drag & drop.
  • Open Entities and SiteMap Entries

    Navigate easily to every Entity and SiteMap entry from within the SmartBar.
  • Choose Your SmartBar Style

    Switch between Standard or Metro Style.
  • Add Custom Buttons Easily

    Add custom buttons to the SmartBar according to your individual needs.
  • Configurable Views 

    Display critical information like "Open Cases" or "Opportunities over 10K".
  • Color Your Buttons

    Define different colors for the general and custom SmartBar buttons.
  • Show/Hide Buttons 

    Show or hide buttons based on count or field values.
  • Color Coding

    Change button color based on the count of related records.