SmartBar for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

We created SmartBar to address the challenge of navigating between related records, which can often be tiring.

SmartBar enables users to easily navigate between related Dynamics 365 records and can be personalized to meet each user's unique Dynamics 365 needs. This tool supports both standard and custom tables.

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Fast and efficient navigation


Dynamics 365

SmartBar is available for all Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement modules:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation



Power Apps

SmartBar can be integrated into model-driven Power Apps by adding the control to your forms. Once added, users can access records, activities, and other important information within the app without having to navigate through different pages or menus.

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Personalized navigation that fits your unique needs

SmartBar helps users to quickly see and easily access important information. and perform common tasks. It is a customizable toolbar that can be embedded into Dynamics 365 to provide quick access to related records and common processes.

Save time and work more efficiently by streamlining common tasks and providing easy access to important information through increased user adoption and high usability.

User-focused interface

Provide business users with the information required for their daily work within Dynamics 365.

Customizable Buttons

Color-coded buttons help drawing the users' attention to critical elements. For example: Show an alerting red, if invoices are overdue or a customer has more than 5 open support tickets.

Simple Navigation

A simple navigation system allows for effortless toggling between information. The SmartBar's wide-ranging compatibility enables it to be seamlessly integrated into any Dynamics 365 and model-driven form.

Buttons represent related records

A number next to the "Buttons" shows the number of related records per table. To ensure a compact and simple overview, you can even hide buttons if no related records are found.

Configurable views

Easy access to your most important views like "Open Cases", "Overdue invoices", or "Important opportunities".

Color coding

Modify the color of the button in accordance with the quantity of linked records.


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