TelephoneIntegration for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps

Managing calls & Dynamics 365 at the same time can be a challenge - that is why we invented TelephoneIntegration. 

Features like "Caller Recognition" and "Click2Dial" will boost your daily phone tasks and ensure everything is properly tracked in Dynamics 365. Additional features like Power-Dialing or a Chat-Integration complete the overall CTI-solution and help you to get the most out of your Dynamics 365 system.

Supported platforms: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & PowerApps 

Online & OnPremise CRM 2011 up to Dynamics 365 V9.X 

User Interface & Handling Phone Calls

The Balloon is the main User Interface of our tool TelephoneIntegration.
It is capable of handling both, incoming and outgoing calls! 

TelephoneIntegration provides screen-pops and caller recognition, thus users will immediately know who is calling. Meanwhile, Click-2-Dial features speed up the dialing process from within Dynamics 365.see more

  • Caller Recognition

    Once a call is recognized, our CTI will search the Dynamics 365 system and display information about the caller.
  • Screen Pops

    Dynamics 365 records and phone call activities can be configured to automatically pop-up on incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Auto-Create Activities

    Create & save phone call activities automatically to ensure everything is tracked in Dynamics 365.
  • Auto-Create Dynamics 365 Records

    Create new records on incoming calls; e.g. opportunities, cases, accounts, contacts or leads.
  • Click-2-Dial

    Next to any phone number field in Dynamics 365, the Click-2-Dial option is available from the search, as well as from the CommandBar.
  • Integrated Search

    Search the Dynamics 365 system right within the Balloon without opening Dynamics 365 itself.
  • Balloon

    Calling feature that enhances simple and intuitive user experience.

  • Customizabilitysee more

    Number of calls listed, the size and behavior are configurable for each user to meet individual requirements.

Outstanding Extras

TelephoneIntegration would not be one of our high-class products if it would not spoil its users with outstanding extras. 

Simple and intuitive user experience meets power dialing options and advanced anlaysing tools: Enhance your efficiency benefits and profit from TelephoneIntegration! 

  • Power-Dialer 

    Based on campaign activities, the "Power Dialer" enables semi-automated call queues.
  • Call statistics

    Analyze calling times and the performance of your sales or service reps.

  • History - Analyze and Improve Calling Timessee more

    The history allows users to analyze calling times or search and call numbers that are stored in the history.
  • Call from Related Records

    TelephoneIntegration can be set up to automatically look for numbers of related records.

Supported phone systems

To support most phone systems we keep adding interfaces for phone providers. We are proud to say that it works fine with most of the phone sytems on the market! And if not - the SDK enables customers and partners to develop a custom wrapper for their environment.

  • TAPIsee more

    Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, Alcatel, Shortel, Asterisk and many more provide TAPI drivers that we utilize to connect them to Dynamics 365.
  • SIP Client

    Connect via VoIP thanks to our built-in SIP Client wrapper.
  • Ring Central

    NumberVOIP is on the move - our tool fully supports Ringcentral to perform outgoing calls.

    Connect via VoIP thanks to our built-in SIP Client wrapper.
  • SDK

    What if my phone sytem is not listed? No problem - if your phone has an API, our SDK allows to connect your phone to our CTI and thus, to Dynamics 365.