Reseller & Partner

Reseller and Partners

Our resellers form a major part of our distribution network. They integrate our Add-Ons in their one-stop-shop solutions for clients all over the world and therefore enable an easy access to our products on local markets. We appreciate the mutual partnership and our reseller’s commitment. Please find our high-performance resellers in the list below.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please follow the link to our become a reseller page and find more details about our partner program. If you already are a reseller and would like to join our partner page, please contact us via


mscrm-addons is our go-to addon solutions company for Dynamics CRM. Almost every customer implementation of CRM we use now use DocumentCorePack and AutoMerge as standard. The productivity and functionality gains really add to CRM user experience. The support is 1st class which is critical when embedded 3rd party solutions within Dynamics CRM solutions simplify the complicated. They make Microsoft Dynamics easier to use and greatly assist in User Adoption which is extremely important to Dynamics Group and our clients. DocumentsCorePack is one of our specialties and is used by the majority of our clients. If you're based in Australia and need a hand with DCP, we'd love to help.


Microsoft CRM 2011 is an evolving platform for development and implementation of LOB solutions. Since it is evolving so there are gaps in product functionality. MSCRM ADDONS’s have beautifully filled this gap by proving innovative and very comprehensive add-ons. Each add-on is a complete product backed by extremely efficient customer support team. Highly recommended!


NEC Australia Pty Ltd

Organon Consulting uses the MSCRM-Addons for most implementations as it is easy to see the added value that the solutions offer. Most clients wouldn’t be able to run their business properly anymore without it and it saves them a lot of time and money suing the solutions. The support is second to none with fast response and they work like we do very flexible and accommodating.


Vinergy focuses on empowering businesses to achieve more. We deliver this by implementing personalised, effective and productive Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems. We always recommend mscrm-addons because quite simply, they help our clients... achieve more.



In der langjährigen Zusammenarbeit mit PTM EDV-Systeme schätzen wir in erster Linie die Verlässlichkeit des führenden Microsoft CRM Add-On Anbieters. Die Vielfalt und das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ermöglichen uns, den Anforderungen des Kunden optimal gerecht zu werden


ACP Business Solutions GmbH


For more than 10 years, we propose add-ons from mscrmaddons to our customers. No other 3rd party solutions delivers so many added value for such a reasonable price. In combination with an outstanding support, every add-on is a safe and reliable choice. They cover almost every CRM version and they fill functional gaps in a smart and user-friendly way.


NSI uses MSCRM-Addons in many of our customers business sectors. It save time and offer extended functionalities to Dynamics 365 that are very much appreciated by users. The gain in productivity is important for us as well as for our customers, who have screens that allow them to perform numerous operations, including the customization of reports. This autonomy is highly appreciated by users.


NSI IT Software & Services


We love applications because they bring considerable value to Dynamics CRM, and come with first class service from both the US and Austrian staff


Baltech is a consultancy firm with currently more than 10+ years of experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM / xRM solutions with an ambition of becoming the preferred MSCRM ADDONS partner in Denmark. We specialize in CTI integrations and document management based on MSCRM ADDONS.


MicroPartner has been working with in many years now and it helped us to provide solutions to our customers in a faster and more reliable way. Especially the easy way of working with DocumentsCorePack helped our customers to adapt the MS CRM System and has given the users a better experience


Finland solutions bring outstanding value to our project implementations and most of all, to our customers. We are very satisfied with both the products and support from the team and strongly recommend taking a closer look at their offering.


Accountor Enterprise Solutions


Agissim is a proud partner of mscrm-addons. We especially like how they keep their features on par with the Dynamics product releases: with compatibility upgrades but also by continuously expanding their features over the years. It is a great contribution to our value offer and in the end to our happy Dynamics 365 customers in France and Africa.



Wir haben schon einige unserer Kunden mit den Add-ons von versorgt und unsere Kunden und wir sind begeistert. Wir arbeiten jetzt schon seit mehreren Jahren sehr gut mit zusammen. In unserer langjährigen Praxis konnten wir eine Vielzahl von nationalen und internationalen Kunden gewinnen, bei denen wir die unterschiedlichsten Projekte realisiert und zum Erfolg geführt haben. Allen gemeinsam ist, dass sie Wert auf guten Service legen.


Anywhere.24 GmbH

Wir empfehlen fast allen Kunden die Add-Ons von Sie bieten unseren Kunden einen echten Mehrwert, da sie mit weniger Klicks noch schneller zum Ziel kommen


Axioma Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Als zertifizierter Microsoft Partner mit Gold-Kompetenz für Dynamics CRM arbeiten wir seit Jahren gerne und erfolgreich mit MSCRM-Addons zusammen. Nicht nur viele unserer Kunden setzen die Add-Ons von PTM ein, auch wir selbst profitieren täglich von den nützlichen Erweiterungen. Besonders beliebt bei unseren Kunden und Anwendern sind der Gruppenkalender, Power Search und die Telefonintegration. Die Add-Ons von PTM sind nützliche, produktivitätssteigernde Werkzeuge, die fast alle Anwender täglich gebrauchen. Besonders hervorzuheben ist auch der kompetente Support aus dem Hause PTM.


connectiv! eSolutions GmbH

Wir arbeiten nun schon seit mehreren Jahren mit der PTM-EDV und den Produkten erfolgreich in unseren Projekten zusammen. Dabei ist uns von Anfang an die schnelle und unkomplizierte Zusammenarbeit auf kaufmännischer Ebene, aber auch auf Support-Ebene aufgefallen. Auf letzterem Punkt legen wir – mit Blick auf den Endkunden – besonderen Wert in einer Zusammenarbeit mit anderen ISV-Partnern. Einfache Installation, sofortiger Mehrwert im täglichen Einsatz und ein geringfügiger Schulungsaufwand schätzen unsere Kunden und wir an den Lösungen der PTM EDV


d.velop digital solutions GmbH

Wir empfehlen unseren Kunden die Lösungen von PTM, da es die optimalen Ergänzungen zu Dynamics CRM sind. Alle Produkte haben ein sehr gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis und eine hohe Produktqualität. Bei Fragen steht ein sehr qualifizierter und schneller Support zur Verfügung.


OnDemand4U ist 2011 mit dem ehrgeizigen Ziel angetreten um führender Microsoft CRM Online Partner in Deutschland zu werden. Im Juni 2015 erreichten wir das Final der 4 wichtigsten CRM Online Partner weltweit, einen Monat später erfolgte die Aufnahme in den „Inner Circle 2015“. Seit unserm Start sind die Lösungen von ein fester Bestandteil unseres Leistungsportfolios und unsere Kunden wissen die cleveren Zusatzfunktionen, die Microsoft Dynamics CRM perfekt ergänzen, sehr zu schätzen.


Wir empfehlen unseren Kunden die nahtlos in Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrierten Add-ons von PTM, die den Standard von Microsoft CRM wirkungsvoll ergänzen. Zudem findet eine sehr gute Betreuung durch PTM statt.


Mscrm-addons bietet sehr gute Funktionen, die Microsoft Dynamics CRM perfekt ergänzen. Besonders DocumentsCorePack erleichtert die tägliche Arbeit, da Word Dokumente und pdfs einfach und schnell aus im CRM hinterlegten Daten erstellt werden können. Wir von proMX nutzen mscrm-addons selbst fast täglich und sind begeistert


Wir setzen in unseren Projekten auf die Erweiterungen von, da sie die Lücken schließen, die Microsoft in ihrem Produkt offen gelassen hat. Durch die Addons wird Microsoft CRM erst zu einem sinnvollen Komplettpaket, das die tägliche Arbeit erleichtert. Sowohl die Produkte als auch die Menschen hinter dem Produkt überzeugen in allen Punkten


SIEVERS-SNC Computer & Software GmbH & Co. KG

Erweiterungen von mscrm-addons sind schon bei verschiedenen Kunden der TSO-DATA im Einsatz. Der Einsatz von mscrm-addons Erweiterungen ist eine sinnvolle Ergänzung von Microsoft Dynamics CRM, um die Wünsche unserer Kunden zu erfüllen




MQIX Consulting is a Hyderabad, India based startup which is into the business of ISO Consulting & Certification and software consulting and distribution.



Great and useful supplements for a more efficient use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for our customers. We advised one of our customers to use AutoMerge addon which enables an easy generation and processing of documents based on templates that incorporate all CRM fields and that can be easily created without specific programming knowledge and they liked it a lot



Cluster Reply supports its customers in the System Integration of Applications & Infrastructure, Business Applications, Modern Workplace, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. For our Dynamics 365 solutions, we find in mscrm-addons an effective Partner providing a set of tools and utilities that act as project accelerator that offer outstanding business features.



In Rhino Systems we like to collaborate with MSCRM, our partnership allows us to offer a high quality service to our national and international clients, providing the best IT tools and innovations based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with premium addons.


Rhino Systems, S.A. de C.V.


mscrmaddons is an example how organizations should handle their Customer Service in combination with perfect software. ACI uses “Documents Core Pack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM” for all her customers in The Netherlands and Belgium for a perfect Document Solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


We really enjoy working with Cayentis develops and supports Microsoft Dynamics-based CRM projects and is an expert in the integration of your CRM system with virtually any other system. A good CRM system is something that everyone, is happy to make regular use of


CRM Partners was founded in 2005. Right from the start we became a partner of We are very satisfied about the solution they have developed. MSCRM-addons’ solutions are always one step ahead. gives us space for new development and gave us the advantage in many sales cases


CRM Resultants helps clients to become Customer Centric Organizations. Since 2013 we partner with a select group of outstanding software firms like We have always appreciated the partnership. We share our vision with them, which results to concrete products like the AttachmentExtractor (now a standard product). A great example where big business problems can be solved by pleasantly priced software products


CRM is our business, fundraising and membership organizations are our customers. And it has been like that for over 20 years. With our products and solutions, based on the technology from Microsoft Dynamics 365, we help the non-profit sector to reach their goals. One of the extra tools we use to facilitate our customers is DocumentsCorePack. And with great pleasure!


Pylades has been active since 1986 as an integrated IT service provider specialising in the implementation, optimization of ERP and CRM software based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM and Office365. Our partnership with has allowed us to extend the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that we can deliver the best solution possible to our customers.


QS solutions prefers to work with because of the quality and functionality of their products. Our customers like the extra functionality and ease of use


New Zealand


Magnetism's mission is to help businesses realize their potential through smart use of technology. Our commitment to Zero Failed Implementations (ZFI) ensures our client's are raving fans. We love mscrm-addons because they help our clients do more with less!



We chose as our partner of choice for document handling in CRM. The product is very similar to other solutions on the web, but no one else could come close to the support that they deliver. Knowing that I can get an answer to my problem within a few moments is extremely important to us. They do a great job at listening to the customers, and work dynamically


ProsessPilotene prefers to use for the simple reason that they are of high quality and work as expected. Using standard components allows us to help our clients reach their goals quickly and without the risk involved in custom software development



Die innovativen Add-Ons von bieten als Ergänzung zu Microsoft Dynamics CRM einen beachtlichen Mehrwert. Unsere Kunden sind unter anderem von der einfachen Bedienbarkeit der Add-Ons immer wieder begeistert.


United Kingdom

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Chorus provide the complete range of CRM services on Dynamics 365 and our partnership with enables us to develop and extend Dynamics 365 to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

crimson logo greatly supports Crimson mission in helping clients get the most from their investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365..

eXpertCRM logo

Expert CRM Services is proud to be associated with and recommends that users of Dynamics 365/CRM consider their products to improve efficiency.

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Gap have been thoroughly impressed with the level of customer service that provides to our customers and to ourselves (Gap also use DCP and Attachment Extractor internally). Throughout the years we have recommended products to allow our customers to achieve greater value and functionality with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations which are always kept up to date and improved with each release of CRM.

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Mscrm-addons is our go-to add-on solutions company for Dynamics 365/CRM and Power Apps. The DocumentsCorePack (DCP) is by far the best document generation add-on that we’ve come across. If the client needs to generate at least one document, the DCP is the answer. We also use the AttachmentExtractor for many of our clients.


United States

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mscrm-addons is a phenomenal partner and reseller of AssureSign. Our alliance offers a unique advantage to Microsoft CRM users looking to streamline their Dynamics workflows. Using DocumentsCorePack with our eSignature solution simplifies the creation of contracts and collection of eSignatures, affording CRM users with a better experience.

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We appreciate working with due to their responsiveness, they genuinely care about improving their products, and their people are smart!


Atrio Systems Inc.

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We like working with, because they are always quick, responsive and supportive. They have fine products that continually evolve with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem

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Sikich has been working with for many years. Our partnership has allowed us to fill gaps in Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality so that we can better service our customers. Working with has always been easy and productive and we look forward to many more years as Dynamics CRM and their product line evolves. Sikich recommends products because they are feature rich, fill gaps that exist in Dynamics CRM that few others seem to create products for, and their team is there to support us to make sure everything works as advertised