Welcome Dynamics 365!
Dynamics 365 is a combination of former AX and CRM united in the Cloud and was created to improve the productivity of your business. It consists of modules that can be built up on each other. Our MSCRM-ADDONS apply to all parts of Dynamics 365, that base on the former Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Is MSCRM-ADDONS ready for Dynamics 365?
Of course, we are! The latest version of each MSCRM-ADDONS can be used with Dynamics 365. They can be found in our Download-Center. All our MSCRM-ADDONS apply to the following 4 areas of Dynamics 365 that have formerly been parts of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Customer Service
  • Project

Our MSCRM-ADDONS do NOT apply to Financials, Marketing or Operations.