GDPR Compliance


Important facts about GDPR Compliance

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What is GDPR and which companies are affected?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation in the European Union. It provides a set of rules to strengthen data protection and privacy for EU residents. The new regulation could have a significant impact on the way of running marketing tasks in the EU. The GDPR will also have implications for marketing activities across the globe. 

When is the GDPR coming to effect?

The regulation entered ​into force on May 24, 2016 will go into effect on May 25, 2018. All EU Member States and even marketers based outside the EU must comply with the law if trading in the EU and storing data about EU citizens. 

What are the biggest impacts on marketing activities?

There are a few things that every company must pay attention to in order to meet the GDPR requirements. We summarized what you have to consider as a marketer when dealing with personal data: 

  • The consent to use a person´s data is required - not implied consent but explicit consent
  • This means that the person has to do an "action" to give their consent - like checking a box
  • It needs to be clear what a person is consenting to - how the data can be used (data processing, emails, profiling etc.)
  • It should be easy to withdraw this consent at any time


How we use personal data?​

The GDPR requires companies to implement reasonable data protection measures to protect personal data and privacy.  We at are focused on meeting these GDPR requirements and want to make a clear statement about how we use personal data. Here you can find all facts about the use of personal data in our company: 

  • We collect personal data only for business  activities 
  • We record only business contact details, not personal contact details (like private phone number or address)
  • ​We do not pursue additional data for personal profiling outside the business relationship 
  • We do not share personal data with 3rd parties unless requested 
  • We do not sell personal data
  • We de-activate data instead to delete it 
  • We do not remove data unless requested 
  • We provide the capability for our business partners and customers to control their marketing preferences 


This regulation changes the way we collect, manage and use personal data and creates a good opportunity to build trust, loyalty and stronger partner and customer relationships. If you have any questions about the use of personal data in our company, please contact Bianca from Marketing by sending her an email - bianca.codospan@mscrm-addons.comYou can also find further information about GDPR on the Microsoft dedicated GDPR pages. ​​