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Every company faces a common challenge - e-mail attachments consume significant amounts of file storage, leading to expensive purchases of Capacity Add-Ons and difficulty in locating attachments.

AttachmentExtractor offers a cost-effective solution by automatically extracting e-mail & note attachments to inexpensive storage platforms like SharePoint or Azure Blob, without affecting the user experience. This saves up to 80% on file capacity costs and improves the overall performance.

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The #1 attachment management solution

Save money by reducing file capacity on the Power Platform



A large number of emails with attachments are sent within a company every day, causing excessive storage usage. AttachmentExtractor transfers all these  attachments from the Dataverse and moves them to a cost-effective file storage solution.


Dynamics 365

AttachmentExtractor is available for all Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement modules:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation



Power Apps

Connecting AttachmentExtractor to Power Apps is just as simple as creating an app. You can still send and receive emails with attachments or notes while our service automatically transfers them in the background. There will be no change in your access to attachments or notes.

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Cost saving capacity management


Move e-mails and files to SharePoint or Azure Blob

Did you know that a significant amount of your Dataverse database, sometimes as much as 70%, is made up of e-mail content and attachments stored as notes?

AttachmentExtractor provides a simple solution to this problem by moving the content to SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage, freeing up valuable space in your Dataverse database. This process is completely seamless and users will not notice a difference when accessing their files.

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SharePoint integration

Completely integrated with SharePoint, our tool automatically extracts attachments and notes from emails and saves them to the correct document location. If the location does not exist, it will create it for you.

Azure Blob Storage

AttachmentExtractor supports Azure Blob Storage (ABS) for storing large amounts of documents as well as email content. Both the Hot and Cold tiers of ABS can be used.

Unchanged user experience

The extraction process is fully transparent. Thus, users will not notice any differences when accessing the extracted content.

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Smart filters

Large files are prioritized for movement by smart file size logic, resulting in faster extraction and immediate capacity savings.


Set up a schedule for the service to be active. For example: extract only in the weekend or extract only from midnight to 5am in the morning to avoid any impact during work hours.


Set up the service to touch only emails related to certain tables (Whitelist) or block them from being touched by the service (Blacklist). For example: "Do not extract important contracts".


AttachmentExtractor allows you to move historic content to an archive by configuring the extraction to only act against content that is older than for example 2 years.

Dynamic save locations

By allowing selection of save locations based on Dynamics 365 attribute values, custom logic can be implemented to meet your specific needs.

Dynamic filters

Eliminate unnecessary items using an attachment filter based on size or name (e.g. exclude Twitter gifs).

Indexation and search features

Contents, including attachments, emails, and notes, can be replicated for indexing purposes.

Replication of sensitive documents

The whitelist allows for selective extraction or copying of documents associated with an invoice, for example.



Save up to 80% of your file capacity costs

Once the AttachmentExtractor service is running, you will see a significant decrease of your capacity consumption.

For example:

  • File capacity reduction (Attachment and AnnotationBase) of 126 GB and cost savings of 2,712$/year


Calculate your potential savings

Instructions: Enter the current size of your ActivityPointerBase, Attachment and AnnotationBase table and hit "Calculate" to see your potential savings.

400+ customers  have been able to reduce data capacity up to 50% and file capacity by up to striking 80% and benefit from the reduction of ongoing storage costs.

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in GB*
in USD**
File Capacity Savings:
5,088 per year (424 per month)
* Based on our experience the achievable reduction is: File Capacity: up to 80%. (Get Details
** Calculation based on the following pricing for Capacity Add-Ons: File Capacity: 2 USD/GB and month.

Instructions: Enter the current size of your Attachment and AnnotationBase table and hit "Calculate" to see your potential savings.

400+ customers  have been able to reduce file capacity by up to striking 80% and benefit from the reduction of ongoing storage costs.

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Efficient attachment management tailored to fit any application

See real-world examples from our satisfied customers

Attachment Extractor is our go-to solution when a customer has files stored in Dynamics 365. It's simple to configure and monitor and provides a seamless solution to move big files to SharePoint.

Heidi Neuhauser "CRM Heidi"

We were in need for a quick fix to make space in our Dynamics 365 data base and documents storage. The application is easy to install and to understand for a fairly reasonable price. A +++ for their customer service department.

Mélissa Bérubé Microsoft AppSource User

Great for optimizing your attachment related storage costs. We have used this for moving DocumentsCorePack-generated customer pdf-invoices from Dataverse to Azure Blob Storage. Highly recommend this. Also, service from has always been superb.

Olli Korpelainen Managing Partner

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