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Generate, process & automate your business documents!

Increase productivity and workforce efficiency by simplifying and automating document related business operations with a wide range of extended functions (e.g. electronic signature, reportingprinting, automation via Flows, SharePoint integration and many more). 
DocumentsCorePack will save you money and time by minimizing the time required to generate, process, and deliver documents.


Give your documents (e.g. quotes, invoices, reports) their own personal touch with the easy, intuitive, and powerful template design based on Microsoft Word. No programming skills required.

Trusted by customers around the world, loved by the business:

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Create business documents 5x faster
Save time, reduce bottlenecks & automate workflows

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Key Features

Powerful & user-friendly features to simplify, optimize and automate your documents

Template Design

Design dynamic and professional document templates using the powerful features of Microsoft Word supporting advanced filtering, sorting and repeating tables. No programming skills required!

Electronic signature

DocumentsCorePack integrates e-Sign solutions, such as AdobeSign, AssureSign and DocuSign, that allow you to define your eSignature fields and trigger the electronic signature process.

SharePoint integration

Save documents automatically to the corresponding document location on SharePoint. Auto-creation of folders (as well as dynamic save-locations) is supported.

Power Automate (Flow)

The DocumentsCorePack Connector supports 20+ actions to be used in your Flow including: create document, print, save to SharePoint, attach to note or e-Mail and many more.


All Microsoft Dynamics 365 relationship-types are supported. There is no limitation on the number of relationships or levels resolved.


Preconfigure your document processes to just one click to e.g. create document, generate PDF, send PDF as an e-mail and save to SharePoint.

  • Canvas Apps
  • DataVerse
  • Process documents
  • Document automation
  • Multiple File Formats
  • Workbooks/Document packages
  • Condition Fields
  • Charting
  • Auto-set e-Mail Recipients & Subject
  • Insert QR-Codes
  • Attach to E-Mail or Letter Activity
  • Save Documents to SharePoint
  • Local & Cloud Printing
  • Generate e-Mail Content
  • Calculations
  • Insert Documents & Pictures
  • Trigger Workflows
  • Dynamic File Names
  • Dynamic Hyperlinks
  • Process integration
  • All processing options supported
  • Create document locations
  • Standard and Custom Entities
  • Field Formatting

How does it work?

Data-driven business documents in 4 simple steps!

1. Design

The easy, intuitive and powerful handling of the Template Designer extends the capabilities of Microsoft Word with an interface to Microsoft Dataverse

2. Generate

Create individual or batch documents in various formats within Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate & Canvas Apps

3. Process & Deliver

Every document generated has a purpose. The various options provided by our CommandBar dialog will speed up your document-related business processes & reduce your user’s workload

4. Automate

The DocumentsCorePack Connector allows you to use the full suite of document generation & delivery options with PowerAutomate (Flow) or classic Dynamics 365 workflows, enabling full document automation

Why DocumentsCorePack?

Achieve your business goals by meeting document needs

No matter which industry or department, DocumentsCorePack helps you address your specific document requirements and focus on achieving your goals and growing your business. Suitable for every business case, our solution offers powerful and user-friendly features to simplify, optimize and automate document processes, from creation to electronic signature to complex document requirements.

Every day, our solution is helping customers around the world to accelerate their document processes by defining and automating each step of the document flow according to their business needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE comes with a basic set of native document generation capabilities. The comparison chart below gives you an overview that provides a comparison of those native capabilities to DocumentsCorePack.

Comparison Chart



Be your own designer!

Design powerful document templates in less than 10 min!

Our easy-to-use Template Designer allows creating powerful templates in Microsoft Word solving from simple to complex document challenges. For businesses working with CRM one of the most common use cases is to create sales quotes, invoices and reports. Our intuitive solution allows you to design powerful quote templates in less than 10 minutes or choose from a variety of predesigned included templates.

There are no limits to your creativity. Our Template Designer comes with a powerful set of features to integrate dynamic data and tables, filter, sort, insert QR codes and content based on conditions, support e-signature and many more. Intuitive and directly adapted to your document needs to create and generate data-driven business documents and drive efficiency - for any user, without coding skills.

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New world of work

Generate, process & automate business documents with electronic signature capabilities.

The business world has changed fundamentally. Home office, virtual meetings or collaborations across national borders are now daily companions in the business environment. As a result, new demands are being placed on the company's daily document processes to cope with these changes: Contracts and business documents must be signed electronically, created and sent automatically.

DocumentsCorePack is prepared for these requirements and constantly developing to meet your demands. It has never been easier to create dynamic Word templates with electronic signature integration from Dynamics 365 data. Our tool integrates AdobeSign, AssureSign and DocuSign solutions, that allow defining eSignature fields directly inside the generated templates, as well as triggering the e-Signature process.

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Free full support

From the installation to ongoing operation

Our support team is available around the clock to assist you with all your questions about our addons, help with installation and integration into your Dynamics CRM system.

  +43 3166 80880     (Austria)
  +1 (404) 720-6066      (USA)

See the #1 document solution in action!

Book a free live demo

Learn more about document generation & automation. In a free live demo we will show you the powerful capabilities of DocumentsCorePack in a real business environment. We will answer any questions you may have, explain the individual functions and show you how you can easily create a template and generate & automate documents.

Streamline overall business processes
Reduce workload, costs and time to generate documents
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Maisons Pierre is a company who builds around 2000 houses per year. Their business requires a lot of document creation such as sales contracts, town planning, finance and a lot more. Thanks to DocumentsCorePack we were able to automate all these document generation processes, structure their files in SharePoint and use DocuSign in DocumentsCorePack to secure and accelerate the customer engagement.


Frédéric SkobelCRM Consultant (Maisons Pierre)

Write your own success story with DocumentsCorePack!

The #1 Document Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps

DocumentsCorePack fits your business model

Customizable, from small business to large organization

DocumentsCorePack starts from only $ 68.75 per month for up to 10 users (billed annually). For individual offers, please contact our Sales team.

Extra Small $68.75/MO

  • Up to 10 users
  • 1 Template Designer
  • 1 add. sandbox environment
  • 500 documents/month
  • 8x5 phone/e-Mail support
  • Buy

Small $125/MO

  • Up to 30 users
  • 1 Template Designer
  • 1 add. sandbox environment
  • 1.000 documents/month
  • 8x5 phone/e-Mail support
  • Buy

Large $270/MO

  • Up to 140 users
  • 2 Template Designer
  • 2 add. sandbox environment
  • 10.000 documents/month
  • 8x5 phone/e-Mail support
  • Buy
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Frequently Asked Questions

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When using our Online Service Configuration Wizard you are all set in about 1 hour.
DocumentsCorePack comes with a MS Word based Template Designer that allows for intuitive and easy to use creation of templates. You can use familiar Word features to create professional looking documents while being able to use Template Designer's drag & drop capabilities to map data from your DataVerse (Dynamics 365).
No, DocumentsCorePack fully support resolving any relationship (1:n, n:n, n:1) as well as multiple levels of related data. Hence any data from you DataVerse (Dynamics 365) can be loaded into your document.
No, the e-Signature integration of AdobeSign, DocuSign and AssureSign as well as the Power Platform Connector are included at no additional cost.
DocumentsCorePack does not collect any data when documents are generated. Data is processed during the document generation process but not stored on our servers. Learn more about DocumentsCorePack Online Scheme.