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Whether you're in the manufacturing industry or the finance department, our solution is designed to help you achieve your document requirements and goals, while enabling you to focus on growing your business.

From creation to electronic signature, and even complex document requirements. With its user-friendly and powerful features, DocumentsCorePack simplifies, optimizes, and automates all your document processes. 

Suitable for every industry and department, our solution guarantees streamlined and professional document processes and improved efficiency.

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The #1 document solution

Simplify, optimize and automate your documents on the Power Platform


Dynamics 365

Professional documents in all Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement modules:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation



Power Automate

The DocumentsCorePack Connector empowers you to fully automate your documents within Power Automate (Flow). With over 25 actions available, it allows you to standardizing your documents, improving efficiency and reducing your users' workload.


Power Apps

By using the DocumentsCorePack Connector, you can seamlessly access and add all document generation and processing options to your apps (Canvas and Model-driven).



DocumentsCorePack enables a smooth integration of any data from Dataverse, facilitating the resolution of relationships, tables and thus enabling the creation of data-driven dynamic documents.

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Create data-driven business documents in just 3 easy steps!


Design your templates in Microsoft Word

Our powerful and user-friendly Template Designer makes it easy for anyone to create professional and attractive templates without any programming knowledge. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface is designed to work seamlessly within your familiar Microsoft Word environment.

With the ability to map fields from Microsoft Dataverse, you can easily access and incorporate any data you need for your documents. Plus, it allows for unlimited relationships, looping, sorting, filtering and many more features, making it a complete solution for automating and streamlining your document creation process.

NEW: To assist you in getting started right away, feel free to download our latest sample templates and tailor them to suit your requirements.


Support for all relationship types in Microsoft Dynamics 365, with no restrictions on the number of relationships or levels.

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Filtering & sorting capabilities

All retrieved records can be filtered and sorted in any imaginable way.

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Conditional fields

The Condition Designer allows for the creation of conditional content inside templates, with a similar interface to the Advanced Find in Dynamics 365.

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Easy handling of one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, including looping of records, grouping, and calculations within tables.

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Seamless integration with e-signature solutions like DocuSign, AdobeSign... and AssureSign, which permit the configuration of e-signature fields directly in the generated templates and initiate e-signature process. Read more

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Template Management

Easily keep track of different versions of templates and their history.... You can transfer templates between environments, and access usage reports and statistics.Read more

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Inspection Responses (JSON)

Load JSON-based responses from field service inspections, also known... as "voice of the customer," into documents. They can be used for various purposes, such as ensuring safety protocols or evaluating customer assets. Read more

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Standard & custom entities

The Template Designer enables the selection of fields from both standard and custom entities.

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Graphical representation of data in generated documents, through the import of charts from Dynamics 365 or the creation of custom charts.

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Field formatting

The template allows for the customization of culture and format for money, integer and decimal fields.

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Dynamic document names

The document name of generated documents can be pre-defined, supporting all fields from Dynamics 365, such as account name, quote ID, or date fields.

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Dynamic save locations

Templates have the option to set default paths for generated documents,... allowing for example saving the documents generated from a quote to the potential customer.Read more

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Dynamic insertion of pictures, whether they are stored as notes, entity-images or by adding an URL inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your documents.

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Dynamic hyperlinks

Our tool also supports hyperlinks that incorporate fields from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in either the name of the link or the URL.

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The basic arithmetic operations can be defined using variables set to fields in Dynamics 365.

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Insert documents

It is possible to include other documents, such as product spec-sheets or conditional text sections, within the main document.

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The feature of template versioning creates a backup of each template instead of replacing... it. To use this feature, the client must be at least version 9.25 and the server or service must be at least version 2017.184. Read more

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The feature of template versioning creates a backup of each template instead of replacing it. To use this feature, the client must be at least version 9.25 and the server or service must be at least version 2017.184.

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Generate & Deliver documents from Dynamics 365 & Model Driven Apps

DocumentsCorePack allows for the efficient creation and delivery of individual or batch documents in a variety of formats.

Utilizing the options available through our CommandBar dialog can streamline your document generation processes and ease the workload for your users.

DocumentsCorePack Dialog

Integrated into the CommandBar, our 3-step wizard guides the user through the document process.

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Streamlining of document processes by combining multiple actions, like... "create, send by email and save to SharePoint," into a single, predefined command. Read more

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Attach to email or letter activity

Automatically create a new activity such as an email or letter, for example by including the recently generated document as an attachment.

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Save documents to SharePoint

Automatically save documents to the appropriate location in SharePoint,>... including the ability to automatically create folders and dynamic save locations.Read more

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Documents can be printed to network printers and also sent to Cloud Print.

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Trigger workflows

Users are given access to various workflows that activate once the document processing is finished.... This also gives the possibility to continue the processing in the workflow. Read more

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Supported file formats

*.PDF, *.HTML, *.DOCX, *.DOC, *.TXT, *.XPS, *.PNG, *.JPEG, *.EPUB, *.BMP, and *.MSG

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Auto-set email recipients & subject

Automatically insert email recipients (for example, potential customers when sending a quote) and subjects.

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Workbooks/document packages

Create complex documents that are composed of multiple individual components (for example, proposals).

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User prompts

Include user-provided information into the generated documents.

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Generate email content

In addition to attaching emails, you can create email content using Microsoft Word templates,... which eliminates the limitations of the standard email templates in Dynamics 365.Read more

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Dynamic file names

Generated documents can have dynamic names that include field forms from Dynamics... 365, for example, a quote or invoice number, date, and so on. Read more

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Automate your documents

The DocumentsCorePack Connector enables full document automation by allowing the use of the complete document generation and delivery features within PowerAutomate (Flow) or classic Dynamics 365 workflows.

Power Automate (Flow)

Our Connector supports more than 25 actions that can be integrated into your flow,... including: creating a document, printing, saving to SharePoint, attaching to a note or email, and many more.Read more

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Process integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for the integration of document-related actions into processes ... like workflows and actions through the use of custom workflow activities. Read more

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Document processing in customer journeys

In combination with Power Automate, DocumentsCorePack adds the option to generate and deliver documents within customer journeys in D365 Customer Insights. Read more

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Scheduled documents

Set up a flow that triggers when a payment is due, and then send a reminder email to the customer with the payment details.

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In MS Office 365 using the approval feature for documents in conjunction with DocumentsCorePack... allows for e.g. an automatic trigger to occur when a certain condition is met. Read more

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Quote automations

Automate the generation and delivery of quote documents once e.g. a quote gets activated or approved.

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Document solutions tailored to fit any application

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We have found DocumentCorePack helping us accelerating the development work in the project and now it is an essential tool for us making the business process running smoothly. We are happy with our choice!

Harri Karjalainen CIO

Our first goal was to find a simple and effective tool to create and send our service reports to our clients. We achieved it with DocumentsCorePack [...]

Julien Charretier System Engineer

[...] The tools are fast, simple to use but have a huge array of features under the hood. Their tools are continually improved and supported at an elevated level. I would highly recommend their products. [...]

Boota Chaggar Global Technical Owner for MSCRM Dynamics

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