GroupCalendar for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Scheduling teams is not always easy - to simplify this process, we created GroupCalendar.

Get an overview of the activities of all your users, teams or resources in one calendar. GroupCalendar supports several views with the option to define user-specific settings in order to meet individual requirements. Users get a set of tools like drag & drop or color coding to simplify scheduling within Dynamics 365.

Supported platforms: Dynamics 365 (Sales / Customer Services / Field Services / Project Services Automation), OnPremise, Hosted (IFD) and CRM 3.0 up to CRM 2016 - Online


Scheduling Groups, Teams and Resources

The key component of GroupCalendar is its calendar form:

Simply define the users or the resources you want to get an overview of. In case you have defined a bunch of groups, you can simply switch between the calendars at any time. see more

  • Selecting Users & Facilities

    Select users or facilities/equipment manually and get an overview about their activities.

  • Define Teams

    Define teams consisting of various Dynamics 365 users, e.g. sales- or dev-team, accounting, support...
  • Resource Groups

    Define a group consisting of both, users and facilities. E.g. Service teams and company cars or teachers and conference rooms.
  • Advanced Find

    Create your own "Advanced Find" that delivers the user-groups you want to see. E.g.: „West-Coast Salesgroup“.

The views

More than 6 different views ensure that you will find the kind of visualization you are looking for. Whether it is TimeLine, GANTT or a simple list, GroupCalendar allows users to set defaults and switch between different views. 

Additionally, all of the views can be shown on a daily, weekly or monthly base.

  • GANTT-View

    In the Gantt-view users are shown top-down while the date range is shown horizontal.

  • TopDown-View

    In the TopDown-view, a column per user is shown on the horizontal and time on the vertical axis, thus providing a plain view of activities.
  • Agenda-View

    The Agenda is a chronological list view with grouping options for either users, ressources or by date.
  • Timeline-View

    As a mixture between Gantt and TopDown, the Timeline view provides a simple chronological overview - separated by day and user.
  • List-View

    The List-view is a simple chronological list of activities sorted by date & time.
  • Month View

    The Outlook-like Month-view appears as a broad overview of all activities from a certain month.
  • Switching Views

    Switch between view and timeframe with just one click!
  • Drill Down

    Drill down to the detailed day view from monthly or weekly calendars.

Scheduling features

No matter if it comes to color-coding or drag & drop scheduling:

GroupCalendar is equipped with a lot of features to simplify scheduling inside Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Scheduling & Re-scheduling

    Simply assign service activities and appointments from a list or between different users via drag & drop.

  • Working Hours Integration

    In order to avoid scheduling activities when somebody is on vacation, GroupCalendar shows the working hours defined for each user.
  • Color-Coding

    Keep a compact overview by color-coding any Dynamics 365-activity. Colors can be set manually or via workflows/business rules.
  • Printing

    Most views are provided with a print option including a print-preview.