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Save money and Dynamics 365 file capacity by moving

e-mail attachments and notes!

Did you know that sometimes up to 70 percent of the Dynamics 365 database consists of email content and documents stored as notes or attachments?

Thanks to AttachmentExtractor there is a simple way to reduce your file capacity consumption in Dynamics 365. The tool copies or moves the content to either SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage releasing valuable space in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 file capacity. The extraction process is fully transparent so users will not see a difference when accessing the files!


This not only saves valuable storage space in your Dynamics 365, but also reduces the cost per GB. Do you want to know how much money you can save by moving email notes & attachments to an alternative storage? Calculate the potential money savings in Dynamics 365 yourself with our Savings Calculator.

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Key Features

Powerful & user-friendly features to reduce storage costs and file capacity

Extract e-Mail Attachments & Notes

Save file capacity by extracting e-mail attachments or note content to either SharePoint or AzureBlob.

Azure Blob Storage

AttachmentExtractor supports Azure Blob Storage (ABS) for storing large amounts of documents as well as e-mail content.

No Change in Dynamics 365 UI

The extraction process is fully transparent. Thus, users will not notice any differences when accessing the extracted content.

SharePoint integration

Fully integrated to SharePoint, e-mail attachments and notes can be automatically extracted to the correct document location. If a location is missing, our tool will create it for you.


AttachmentExtractor also allows to e.g. only move content that is older than 2 years.

  • Document indexation and search features
  • Replication of sensitive documents
  • Blacklist / Whitelist
  • Dynamic save locations on SharePoint
  • Dynamic filters (Remove irrelevant attachment e.g. Twitter gif)
  • Schedule the extraction process to avoid resource bottlenecks

How does it work?

Attachment management at a glance!


Received email attachments and notes lead to high demand on storage capacity and expensive database space. The pricey storage in Dynamics 365 makes it impossible to keep/save all business emails


AttachmentExtractor saves money and Dynamics 365 file capacity by moving e-mail attachments and notes to SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage

Key benefits

Files are replaced with links inside Dynamics 365 so users will not see a difference when accessing extracted content! Our solution improves business processes by running in the background and saves money and database storage in Dynamics 365

Why AttachmentExtractor?

Save money and reduce storage costs

No matter what industry or sector your company operates in, hundreds of emails are sent and received every day. On a monthly basis, this results in a considerable amount of data, which also takes up a lot of storage space. As storage requirements increase, so do the costs.

AttachmentExtractor helps you reduce the amount of file capacity by up to 80% per day by extracting and moving attachments and notes to Azure Blob Storage or SharePoint. This not only saves valuable storage space in your Dynamics 365, but also reduces the cost per GB.


Savings Calculator

in GB*
in USD**
File Capacity Savings:
5,088 per year (424 per month)
* Based on our experience the achievable reduction is: File Capacity: up to 80%. (Get Details
** Calculation based on the following pricing for Capacity Add-Ons: File Capacity: 2 USD/GB and month.


Instructions: Enter the current size of your Attachment and AnnotationBase table and hit "Calculate" to see your potential savings (Where do I find these values?)

400+ customers  have been able to reduce file capacity by up to striking 80% and benefit from the reduction of ongoing storage costs.


Questions or need help?

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No change in Dynamics 365 interface!

Transparency for all users accessing extracted content.

Nothing will change in your Dynamics 365 user experience. This means you will be able to open and see attachments as usual. Except that from now on you will need less storage space for email attachments and notes. This not only has a positive impact on the performance of your Dynamics 365 CE, but also saves valuable storage space and reduces your monthly expenses for storage capacity.

AttachmentExtractor runs autonomously in the background, you can continue to open, save, forward email attachments as you are used to. In the simple and intuitive configuration process you can define your individual parameters for extraction, storage location, as well as connections to SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage.

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Reduce storage costs

More storage, less costs.

Database capacity is expensive - this is why we developed AttachmentExtractor. Save precious database space in your Dataverse by extracting attachments and notes from your environment to SharePoint or AzureBlob while keeping the user experience unchanged.


File capacity:     2 USD/GB and month


 0,2 USD/GB and month




Free full support

From the installation to ongoing operation

Our support team is available around the clock to assist you with all your questions about our addons, help with installation and integration into your Dynamics CRM system.

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