PowerSearch for MS CRM


for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Cross entity searches can be exhausting - that is why we invented PowerSearch. 

The tool facilitates cross - entity search, and/or conditions and attribute specific search options. Simplify your search with additional filters & other valuable features.  

Supported platforms: CRM 3.0 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)

Features & Capabilities

PowerSearch provides a powerful search routine and allows a quick, but easy search across several entities and multiple fields. 

PowerSearch facilitates the handling of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by providing one page where all records can be found and favorites can be easily accessed. 

  • Cross - Entity Search

    Search in several entities and multiple fields with a single click.
  • Attribute Specific Search Option

    Search for specific values of a certain Microsoft Dynamics CRM attribute.
  • AND and OR keywords

    AND,OR-keywords can be used in the search string allowing for detailed search processes
  • Result-view: Grouped by Entity

    Results are grouped by entity and provide a compact overview.
  • Define Favorites

    CRM users can define specific advanced views, saved views or entities as their favorites.
  • Simple Configuration

    Fields to be searched as well as result fields can be configured for each entity