Support Terms & Conditions

Support Terms & Conditions

Here you can find our current Support Terms & Conditions.

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1. Support services

1.1 Support includes the following services:

  • Free access to version updates of purchased products, including: optimizations, bug fixes, enhancements and support for future Windows/Office/Dynamics versions etc.
  • Free updates of the purchased products, to a more recent Microsoft Dynamics CRM version.
  • Comprehensive support for technical problems via telephone, e-mail, live chat and web sessions.

2. Contact and availability of support

2.1 Customers may contact our support from Mon-Fri 01.00 to 18.00 EST (07.00 to 24.00 CEST) by phone (EU: +43(0)316 680 880 0, US: +1 404 720 6066), email (, fax (+43(0)316 680 880 25) and live chat on our website.

2.2 Our technical support will respond within a maximum of eight working hours.

3. Support services in connection with Subscription-Contracts

3.1 For all subscription contracts, all support services listed above are included in the monthly or annual fee.

3.2 The support services listed above shall also apply to additionally licensed sandbox environments of the customer.

3.3 The following applies to DocumentsCorePack and AttachmentExtractor: If the customer hosts the service on our servers, the availability of the services offered and agreed in each case is 98.5% on an annual average including maintenance work, but the availability will not be impaired or interrupted for more than two calendar days in succession.

4. Support services in connection with software purchase contracts

4.1 After the purchase of the product, customer is entitled to support and new versions (including releases or versions of changes to MS Dynamics 365) of the purchased product(s) for one year from the date of purchase of the initial product licenses. Subsequent purchases of additional licenses of the same product will be subject to the terms of the initial purchase. After one year from the initial purchase, the customer may enter into annual support contracts. We offer a 30-day grace period after support expires that allows customers to purchase an additional year of support at the standard support price. In all cases where an additional year of support is purchased, the term of that support will begin on the expiry date of the original support period.

4.2 For example, a company that purchases product licenses on 1 January 2022 and waits until February 2023 to extend support will receive support until 31 December 2022, i.e. one year after the end of the original term. Furthermore, even in the case of an upgrade that the customer makes, the support period remains unchanged. Example: The customer purchases a Small package of an offered product on 1.6.2022 and upgrades to a Medium package on 1.12.2022. The support services of the new Medium package are to be extended on 1.6.2023 or at the latest within the 30-day grace period.

4.3 With a valid support contract, the customer is entitled to free extensions and support services for additional sandbox environments.

4.4 Standard – Price: The prices regarding the extension of the support services are available under "Perpetual Pricing" at

4.5 Additional fees: If the support services are not extended or purchased by the customer within the 30-day grace period, additional fees ("Penalty") shall apply.

Number of days after expiration


31 - 90 days

30% of list price

91 - 180 days

40% of list price

181 - 270 days

50% of list price

271 - 1 year

60% of list price

4.6 If support services are not purchased/renewed by the customer within one year, then the software license needs to be purchased again in order to be able to obtain support services again as a customer.

4.7 Support life cycle: We support add-ons for older CRM / Dynamics versions as long as Microsoft supports the corresponding version.