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case studies is very proud of developing solutions which allow our customers all over the world to perform their daily business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 more efficiently. Our innovative add-ons extend Dynamics 365 with useful functionalities and close existing gaps. We want to share our customer success stories with you, showcasing how products get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Realia Group Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Realia Group - Essential tool for smooth business processes

  Challenge: Time consuming manual handling of documents

Solution:DocumentsCorePack the essential tool for smooth business processes

Publication Date: July 2021

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We have found DocumentCorePack helping us accelerating the development work in the project and now it is an essential tool for us making the business process running smoothly. We are happy with our choice!


Harri Karjalainen,

Maisons Pierre Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Maisons Pierre - The power of automatic generated documents

  Challenge: Time intensive manual editing of documents

Solution: Automated generation of documents from templates and Dynamics 365 data

Publication Date: June 2021

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Maisons Pierre is a company who builds around 2000 houses per year. Their business requires a lot of document creation such as sales contracts, town planning, finance and a lot more. Thanks to DocumentsCorePack we were able to automate all these document generation processes, structure their files in SharePoint and use DocuSign in DocumentsCorePack to secure and accelerate the customer engagement.

Consultant CRM

Frédéric Skobel,

Georg Fischer Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Georg Fischer - DocumentsCorePack

  Challenge: Complex and limited document generation process 

Solution: Fast & flexible processing of customized documents 

Publication Date: March 2021

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mscrm-addons develop intelligent tools that integrate well in Dynamics 365. The tools are fast, simple to use but have a huge array of features under the hood. Their tools are continually improved and supported at an elevated level. I would highly recommend their products. Based on our experience, we can testify that DocumentsCorePack is a sophisticated document generation offering. I would also like to thank everyone at mscrm-addons for their never-ending support and the development of bespoke solutions for our organization. Thank you!

Global Technical Owner for MSCRM Dynamics

Boota Chaggar, 


Spigraph Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Spigraph - MSCRM-ADDONS solutions

  Challenge: Generation of reliable service reports & high storage costs 

Solution: Increased productivity, reduced costs & database space 

Publication Date: December 2020

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Our first goal was to find a simple and effective tool to create and send our service reports to our clients. We achieved it with DocumentsCorePack. After some time, we implemented the AttachmentExtractor solution to reduce our database on Dynamics 365. We are very satisfied with both solutions and have continued to use them since 2016.

 System Engineer

Julien Charretier,


ReEmployAbility Case Study Click to read full Case Study

ReEmployAbility - MSCRM-ADDONS solutions

  Challenge: Easy, quick & accurate document creation & high storage costs 

Solution: Significant time and money savings

Publication Date: December 2020

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The smart tools has developed have taken our experience with Microsoft Dynamics to the next level. The tools are well-developed, well-supported, and the team is wonderful to work with. Everyone I´ve ever communicated with on the team, from support to sales to execs, have been friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

 Director of IT

Abby Torres,


NebraskaLink Case Study Click to read full Case Study

NebraskaLink - DocumentsCorePack

  Challenge: time-intensive document creation

Solution: DocumentsCorePack - the #1 document automation solution 

Publication Date: April 2018

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Our goal of finding a streamlined process for creating and distributing quotes efficiently has been realized thanks to MSCRM-ADDONS.COM. We continue to find excellent uses for the plug-in and hope to continue to improve our processes as the products are enhanced.

Service Assurance Manager

Kasey Robinson, 


Systemair Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Systemair & Sievers Group - Power package

  Challenge: create professional documents (PDF & Word) directly out of CRM.

Solution: a mix of our most productive MSCRM-ADDONS.

Publication Date: April 2017

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We were presented with many challenges, which we were able to quickly solve thanks to a cooperation with MSCRM-ADDONS. They thus play a decisive role in the project’s success and have increased productivity in the provision of services for our customer

Sievers Group

Martin Welling, 


Kelly Roofing Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Blanchard and Company, Inc. - DocumentsCorePack

  Challenge: Installing a robust, yet flexible document merge solution.

Solution: DocumentsCorePack to automate order and shipping confirmation documents

Publication Date: January 2016

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We at Blanchard are very pleased with the product and would highly recommend mscrm-addons products to anyone looking for a robust yet flexible document merge and delivery solution.

Blanchard Company, Inc

Ed Glover, 


Kelly Roofing Case Study Click to read full Case Study

Kelly Roofing - AttachmentExtractor

  Challenge: All entity-related attachments at a glance.

Solution: Move attachments from CRM to SharePoint and reduce costs.

Publication Date: August 2015

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AttachmentExtractor has saved us countless hours from dragging and dropping files into folders. And, by storing the files in SharePoint, it keeps monthly CRM costs to a minimum.


Ken Kelly,