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DocumentsCorePack: Cloud printing on the Power Platform Bookmark

In the webinar on August 5th, 2021 we focused on the cloud printing capabilities of DocumentsCorePack on the PowerPlatform. 

Therefore we showcased how to configure cloud printing for DocumentsCorePack and use it within Dynamics 365 and PowerAutomate:

  • Setup: Necessary steps of configuration for using either Printix, PrintNode or Microsoft Universal Print in DocumentsCorePack.
  • Demo: Printing documents from a dialog (Dynamics 365) and printing documents from a Flow (PowerAutomate)


Scheduled documents in PowerAutomate Bookmark

In the webinar on May 27th, 2021 we focused on the automation of documents inside scheduled Flows using our DocumentsCorePack Connector. 

Therefore we showcased two popular use cases:

  • Financial documents: Automation of payment reminders and overdue notices (e.g. send payment reminders 2 weeks before due date/send overdue notices weekly once invoices are overdue)
  • Reportings: Daily activity and sales report (e.g. Daily To-do list showing all open activities for a user or weekly report on new or closed opportunities)


Call Flows or Actions from the DocumentsCorePack dialog Bookmark

In the webinar on April 29th, 2021 we showed the new option to call a Flow or Action from the "Create Document"-dialog. Customers can go beyond the extensive processing capabilities provided by our solution and utilize the full suite of Power Automate and Actions to add logic and process the documents as needed.

This webinar covered: 

  • Demo: Call a Flow to process the generated document via Power Automate 
  • Demo: Call an Action from to perform custom steps inside your Dynamics 365 environment 
  • How it works: Set up a Flow to be called from the dialog
  • Q&A 



DocumentsCorePack: Performance, Utilization and Logs Bookmark

In the webinar on March 18th, 2021 we showed everything about DocumentsCorepack service administration with the goal to give you a good overview of the various features the service configuration provides you.

Webinar content: 

  • Setup & configuration options
  • Performance & utilization 
  • Logs


New DocumentsCorePack feature: Advanced collaboration through editable document parts Bookmark

In the webinar on December 3, 2020 we showcased a new feature within DocumentsCorePack: Editable sections. This feature allows you to define sections to be editable within your documents.

This webinar contains: 

  • Use cases and how it works
  • Step-by-Step: Configuration of the sections to be editable in your templates
  • Step-by-Step: Working with editable documents 
  • Q&A