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How to upgrade your DocumentsCorePack Online Service license?

The minute your DocumentsCorePack (DCP) license is invalid, it is recommended to check your license status and to react properly. This article outlines

  • how to view the license state of your service and
  • how to upgrade your license online.


A) How to view the license state of your DCP Online Service?

1) Follow the below link and enter your username and password.

Figure 1: Login to

2) Once registered, click on the [My Account]-button in the right upper corner.  

3) Now click on the my cloud services-section in order to get an overview on your subscriptions.

Figure 3: My Cloud Services 

4) You are redirected to the DocumentsCorePack Online Configuration. Please mark your service and click on the [View and Install License]-button.

Figure 4: DCP Online Configuration

5) The license information window appears. A red cross always signalizes that a license is invalid. There are numerous reasons for an invalid license.
In this example, the reason why is that the user owns less site licenses than he actually needs. To overcome this issue, the user has to upgrade the license.

Figure 5: License information overview 

B) How to upgrade a DCP Online license?

1) Please log in to your account on our website and open the Account Overview. Next, click on the [Modify package size]-button.

Figure 1: Modify your package 

2) Now you are redirected to the UpgradeSubscription-section. Please click on the [Upgrade]-button in the right lower corner. 

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