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This blog is deprecated since July 2020.The articles below are no longer maintained and might contain outdated information. 
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Error Message: Solution AutoMergeGlobalButtonTmp failed to import

The error message Solution AutoMergeGlobalButtonTmp Failed To Import

indicates, that the user who is running the current setup process has no rights to access the solution files.

DocumentsCorePack FileExplorer in IFD environment

This article is about the DocumentsCorePack (DCP) FileExplorer in IFD environments for CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Basically, DocumentsCorePack's FileExplorer is not supported in CRM IFD environments. Nevertheless, it could be possibly working. If you want to try to configure it, follow this article.

Field formatting options

This article outlines different options to format fields inside a DocumentsCorePack or AutoMerge template. e.g.: Formatting date fields, format money-fields etc.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2011 and 2013, AutoMerge for MS CRM 2011

PasswordProtection for DCP templates

This blog article outlines, how to set the PasswordProtection for Open Office XML templates (.docx). As well as for DocumentsCorePack server side and client side Document Generation for MS CRM 2013. All our addons come with a 14-day trial license as well as technical support. Click here to download and test it.

Requirments: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2011 v5.106 and higher & AutoMerge for MS CRM 2011 v5.48 and higher

How to send emails with picture links using DocumentsCorePack

This article describes how to send emails in workflows with dynamic images! Sometimes it happens that email programmes do not resolve inserted dynamic images correctly. With our DocumentsCorePack [Insert as Picture-Link]-field you can solve this problem.

How to upgrade AutoMerge for MS CRM 2011 to 2013

This article will show you how to prepare AutoMerge for MS CRM 2011 for an update of your CRM system to 2013!

DocumentsCorePack - Configuration Chart
The below chart provides you with an overview of the possible configuration scenarios of CRM and SharePoint
together with DocumentsCorePack and AutoMerge for CRM 2011

Issues with the automatic generation of folder locations in CRM Online and SharePoint Online
If you you experience issues with the automatic generation of SharePoint Online folder locations for the CRM integrated Sharepoint solution,
this article provides you with a solution. (For both, DocumentsCorePack and Automerge, the steps are the same.)
Please note: These steps are only necessary, if you have performed an upgrade of DocumentsCorePack or Automerge previously
and now, the automatic folder creation does not work for one of these addons any longer for CRM SharerPoint Online.

AutoMerge: specific settings for plug-in based printing

With AutoMerge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premise/Online, you are able to print the dynamically generated document automatically to a specific printer. Sometimes, the printer settings regarding trays, duplex, size, etc. are not applied if you define them using a specifc user account, because the service runs under different user accounts. In order to avoid this, AutoMerge offers you the possibility to define specific printing options in the workflow itself.

Service-based printing in AutoMerge
AutoMerge offers a service-based printing option which is additionally available to the already known plugin-based printing-option. The additional option is available within AutoMerge for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 version 5.30 and higher (click here to download the latest AutoMerge version) and is based on a service running in the background.
This article covers the following essential topics:
  • How to create a service and a printer for printing documents
  • How to add the service-based printing step to a workflow
  • Exception: How to add the service-based printing step to workflows including
    a Delete Document-step
Before you continue reading, please make sure that you have installed AutoMerge v5.30 or higher. 

Please note:
If you already run a service for printing documents, you can skip the first section of this article and can continue reading in the ‘How to add the service-based printing step to a workflow’-section.