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Hello and welcome to our blog! What can we do for you? Are you looking for further technical information or step-by-step instructions to our products? Or would you like to read the latest news on mscrm-addons? Please feel free to browse our blog for detailed information and to share our posts!

Application Permissions – Why we need them
This article outlines why DocumentsCorePack need Application Permissions.

Troubleshooting for Load Balancing - On-Premise
This blog article outlines how to proceed if you have an issue with your Load Balancing service for DocumentsCorePack On-Premise.

AttachmentExtractor plugin file access behavior
This blog article outlines the AttachmentExtractor plugin file access behavior if your service stops running.

AttachmentExtractor Online Scheme
This blog article outlines how the Cloud service structure for AttachmentExtractor works. AttachmentExtractor will retrieve documents from Dynamics 365 instance, move it to an alternative storage location and deliver it back to Dynamics 365 upon user request.

Non-interactive users as service account
This blog article outlines that it is possible to use non-interactive users to create a service for AttachmentExtractor or DocumentsCorePack.

Heartbeat service restart behaviour
This blog article outlines how the heartbeat service restart behaviour works in case that Dynamics 365 is not available for some reason.

DCP service error message

The error message displayed in Figure 1 indicates, that there are either too many documents to generate (rather unlinkely) at the moment or that the DCP service is not running. 

What to do if DocumentsCorePack service stopped working

This blog article outline how to react if your DocumentsCorePack (DCP) Service stopped working. It is most likely because the username and password credentials are not working anymore.

Please note: In most of the cases this happens because the password of the Office365 account has expired. We would recommend you to "Setup your password to never expire" for the account on which you run the DCP service. 

OrganizationURL provided by DiscoveryService is false

When using our products, the CRM discovery service is contacted to retrieve the service URLs for accessing the CRM WebServices.

In some cases the URL returned by the discovery service is not useable to contact the CRM WebService. 

Service-based printing in AutoMerge
AutoMerge offers a service-based printing option which is additionally available to the already known plugin-based printing-option. The additional option is available within AutoMerge for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 version 5.30 and higher (click here to download the latest AutoMerge version) and is based on a service running in the background.
This article covers the following essential topics:
  • How to create a service and a printer for printing documents
  • How to add the service-based printing step to a workflow
  • Exception: How to add the service-based printing step to workflows including
    a Delete Document-step
Before you continue reading, please make sure that you have installed AutoMerge v5.30 or higher. 

Please note:
If you already run a service for printing documents, you can skip the first section of this article and can continue reading in the ‘How to add the service-based printing step to a workflow’-section.