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How To: Set up the DocumentsCorePack custom connector for PowerApps & Microsoft Flow)

In this article we will show you how to create a DocumentsCorePack custom connector for PowerAutomate enabling users to utilize  the document generation and processing capabilities within their Flows and Canvas Apps.

IMPORTANT: As of 1st March 2020 the connector is in BETA and will change over the course of the months until the connector is officially released (target: April 2020). It is NOT recommended to use the connector in production-flows as functionality could breaks as we perform updates to the API. 

  • Your DocumentsCorePack service must be hosted on (Open Service Configuration)
  • Your DocumentsCorePack service must use Server2Server authentication

Step-by-Step video

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Visit and save the swagger.json file locally.
  2. Go to  or, choose the environment you want to add the connector too and and click on [Data->CustomConnector->OpenAPI-File import]
  3.  Select the file saved in step #1 and follow the instructions. You can optionally change the icon/color and name of the connector as desired. Once done, click on [Create Connector]
  4. Visit the service configuration on, select the service and click on [get API key]
  5. When asked, enter the API key to define the connection for your DocumentsCorePack Connector.

You are now all set. 

Note: You can easily test the connection. Therefore you click on the edit button on the custom connector and go to step 4 [Test]. After selecting or creating a new connection you can use the [Test operation] for the [Ping] method. If successfull you will see a "Message": "[Date] [Time]succesfully connected to [orgname] as [username]" DocumentsService is alive" message in the response area. 

That’s it. You are now ready to use the connector. 

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