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Adobe Sign for DocumentsCorePack

We are happy to announce that we offer the possibility to use Adobe Sign within DocumentsCorePack. Benefit from this combination and take the usability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a whole new level. Adobe Sign is another tool that simplifies the world of e-signaturesIt empowers you to electronically sign documents. More information can be found in the corresponding documentation on our website. 

This blog article outlines how to get started with Adobe Sign as an additional feature of DocumentsCorePack. If you decided to use Adobe Sign as an additional feature, please follow the steps in this blog article: 

Step 1: Obtain the AdobeSign package
For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online: on AppSource
For Microsoft OnPremises: from the Adobe Sign Integration page

Step 2: Install the Adobe Sign package
The installation of Adobe Sign is very easy, please follow the Installation Guide written by Adobe.

Step 3: Adobe Sign Users and Security Roles
For using the Adobe Sign application, it is necessary that users have their security role configured to the Dynamics environment. The available security roles are:

  • Adobe Sign Reader
    Users have read-only access to Agreement records.
    Users are able to see only their own records and have User level access to built-in Dynamics records such as Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Orders etc. 
    This role includes additional privileges in addition to the Adobe Sign User role such as adjusting Global Settings, Data Migration and allowing visibility over all Agreements throughout the application.

Find more information about how to configure the security roles in the Adobe Installation Guide in chapter Post Install Configuration (Required) and scroll down to Deploy Adobe Sign to Users by Assigning Security Roles

Step 4: DocumentsCorePack templates for Adobe Sig
After you have configured the security roles for Adobe Sign users in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and you have made sure that they have all the rights they need, you can create a DocumentsCorePack template for AdobeSign. 

Please find all the information about how to use the Template Designer in the Template Designer User Guide on our website. 

To use Adobe Sign in DocumentsCorePack you have to enter Adobe Sign text tags. These are formatted text that can be placed anywhere within the content of your template. Text tags are converted into Adobe Sign form fields when the document is sent for signature or uploaded.

Please find all possible Adobe Sign text tags in the Adobe Sign Text Tag Guide

The figure below shows a template with Adobe text tags for initials and signatures for two signees.


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