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Advanced template-group filtering

This feature offers the possibility to set a filter for DocumentsCorePack templates.
Templates are filtered based on the template-group they are assigned to.
Applying filter limits, the available templates are grouped in template-groups.
This prevents users from getting confused by a variety of available templates as they can only see and select templates of the corresponding template-group defined by the applied filter.

To take advantage of this feature you need at least both of the following versions:

 - DocumentsCorePack Server for MS CRM 2011 5.36

 - DocumentsCorePack Client for MS CRM 2011 5.73


DocumentsCorePack templates can be organized in groups.
These groups are displayed as separated tabs in the Open Template-dialog and are also available as sub-items in the [Print in Word]-button.

Figure 1: DocumentsCorePack template groups - examples

To improve the DocumentsCorePack-usability for end-users, you can set a filter for these template-groups in the DocumentsCorePack server configuration.
Applying this filter limits the available templates in the template selection menu of a CRM record to just one specific template-group.
So users will not get confused because of a variety of available templates as they can only see and select templates of the corresponding template-group defined by the applied filter.

Figure 2: Filtered DocumentsCorePack template groups

Figure 2 displays the field that contains the filter criteria (attribute) for this record (GroupFilterText-field at the bottom on the right side).
In this example, only templates of the template-group Group B are displayed and can be selected within the [Print in Word]-button.

Please note: This feature only works for single records and does not apply to bulk merges of documents, because different records may have different filter criteria!


Start the DocumentsCorePack Server Configuration Tool and click on the [Advanced Template Group Filtering]-button below the Print in Word entity selection window.

A new window opens. This window displays all entities that have been configured to show the [Print in Word]-button. 

Now you have the possibility to configure the feature for the template-group filtering.
To do so, select the entity that should be used to filter the template-groups.
Now select a text attribute for the selected entity. For example: The configuration shown in Figure 3 enables the filtering process for the entity Account based on the value of the attribute GroupFilterText which is defined within each CRM record individually.

Figure 3: Filtering process for the entity Account 

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