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AttachmentExtractor: How to customize entity folders and attributes in Sharepoint

This feature requires AttachmentExtractor 5.24 or higher.


1.) It enables AttachmentExtractor to create custom folder structures based on entity data from the regarding (email) or parent entity (annotation).

2.) It enables AttachmentExtractor to create custom attributes on the SharePoint and fill them with data from regarding (email) or parent entity (annotation).


The customization is requiring two new settings in the registry.

Create you configuration in the servicemanagement as usual and save it. Open the registry editor and find the configuration node:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PTM EDV-Systeme\AttachmentExtractorserver\Configurations


Find the Key, that is named identically to the configurationname you have selected, eg. crmonline

You need to create two new string setting in that branch:





Data structure for CustomConfiguredEntitiesAsCSV

The configured entities are a list, separated with semicolons and following this schema :


entity_schema_name is the unique name of the entity, that would trigger a custom path, when a regarding (email) or parent (annotation) entity of the specified type is being identified.

The "." separated value list is a list of the attributes, that should be evaluated for path generation. Supported field types are entityreference, optionsets and value fields (Text or number)



The above setting will create a folder path with createby name , account name and territorycode optioenset value.


Custom entities are supported.


Data structure for CustomMetaDataMappingAsCSV

The configured entities are a semicolon seperated list following this schema:




AttachmentExtractor will create a new attribute and try to identify a field on the regarding (email) or parent (annotation) entity, which is named as defined and copy the content of that field into the attribute on the sharepoint. Supported field types are entityreference, optionsets and value fields (Text or number)

Custom fields are supported.

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