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AttachmentExtractor Online Service Configuration

We have all been there. Working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) is really great, but sometimes, the data storage costs go through the roof. And yes, saving data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be cost-intensive. Consequently, we solved this problem by creating AttachmentExtractor.

This blog article outlines how easy it is to setup the AttachmentExtractor Online Service Configuration. Additionally please also find our video tutorial for AttachmentExtractor that shows how to start the AE Online Configuration, here

The main advantages of the AttachmentExtractor Online Service are:
- There is no need for a local server anymore.
- All AttachmentExtractor features are available
- The configuration is easy
- The service is hosted and updated by our support team

Please follow the below step-by-step tutorial in order to start an AttachmentExtractor Online Service properly.

Step 1: Open the Online Configuration Service

One possible way to start a new AttachmentExtractor Online Service Configuration is via our website On our website, please navigate to Products, select AttachmentExtractor and then, click on the Configure Service button.

Figure 1: Open the Online Configuration Service

Next, login or register to

Figure 2: Login or register to


The registration is quick and free. Once logged in, you will

- have access to all our free 14-days trial versions
- be able to request full support on all trial versions
- be allowed to purchase licenses
- receive our newsletter
- be able to upgrade free trial versions to licensed products

So – if you haven’t registered yet – it’s worth a try!

Step 2: The Online Configuration window

Once you have logged in, you will be provided with the Online Configuration window. 

Please note: If you have already configured a service, you get an overview of your hosted service(s) 

 If there is no service configured,  you can setup a service with a click on the [Add]-button .

Figure 3: Online Configuration window

Figure 4: Create a new AE Service



As soon as your organization appears in the Available Organizations section , click on the [Verify Connection & Save Profile]-button .

Verify your connection and save your profileFigure 6: Verify your connection and save your profile


Now the following window appears. It is important that you do not close this window or navigate away. 

Verify connectivity and permissionsFigure 7: Verify connectivity and permissions

You are now back on the same window as before. This window supports you creating a new service.

Create new AttachmentExtractor Online ServiceFigure 8: Create new AttachmentExtractor Online Service

Service Name
Please enter your service name here. But choose wise, because the name cannot be changed anymore         

AttachmentExtractor Instance
Please select on which instance the AttachmentExtractor Service should run. The instance with the highest bandwidth is automatically selected for you. 

SharePoint Integration
Please choose, if you would like to use the CRM integrated SharePoint or a specific SharePoint. If you want to use a specific SharePoint, you must enter a SharePoint path, which means you must enter a SharePoint URL that includes the library.

Storage Option for Entities without Document Management enabled
Entities without document management may be stored daily or weekly on a specific SP library. Else, you may decide which entities not to extract. 

SharePoint Credentials
Please insert the credentials of a SharePoint user with administrative access to your configured SharePoint here.

Using the drop-down menu of this option, allows you to decide what you would like to extract with AttachmentExtractor. Please select all options or only some of these options. The available options are:
           - Email Attachments
            - Note Attachments
            - Email Body
            - Note Body 

Please note: This section also allows you to configure an email or note subfolder, where your extracted emails or notes will be saved. 

Data processing
specify if you only want to copy your attachments to SharePoint or if you want to extract them completely. Once extracted files will be replaced with a .url file which points to the extracted file on SharePoint. However, if you click on the [Extract – Replace data in CRM]-button, you will receive a warning. Please read it carefully, check the corresponding checkbox and select whether you want to copy or extract the files by clicking on the corresponding button. 

Figure 9: AttachmentExtractor Service Setup Warning


Minimum Attachment Size Filter
Please insert the minimum size a file should have in order to be extracted by your AttachmentExtractor Service here.

Only extract attachments older than
If you only want to extract attachments older than a certain amount of time, you can specify this here.

Show Advanced Options
A click on this button expands some options for the advanced configuration.

Please note: If you feel that the configuration so far satisfies your needs, you can save your service now with a click on the [Save Service]-button in the right lower corner and proceed with Step 6. But of course, the service can as well be configured on an advanced level, which can be done in the Advanced Configuration-section. This optional part of the configuration will be explained below.

Step 4: Set the Advanced Options (optional)

With a click on the [Show Advanced Options]-button, the settings of your new service can be refined.

Figure 10: Advanced Configuration Options


Enable debugging
In case of any issues during the extraction, we would recommend you to enable debugging by selecting this option. The log files will be available for download as soon as the service is saved. 

Stop service on critical errors
If you select this option, the service will automatically stop if a critical error occurs. This option is activated by default. 

Create SharePoint attributes
Enabling this option will create SharePoint attributes for transferred files.

❹ New folder per
Please select if new folders should be created on a weekly or a daily basis here. This option only applies to CRM Integrated SharePoint. 

Blacklist or Whitelist
Please decide whether you would like to use a black- or a whitelist here. Entities on the blacklist will NOT be extracted, while entities on the whitelist will be extracted.

❻ Notify on service changes 
Select this option in order to get an eMail every time there is a service change.           

❼ Skip solution import
If you select this option, the setup will assume that you have already imported all solutions that are necessary for the creation of an AttachmentExtractor service. If any solution is missing, the creation of the new service will fail.

❽ Skip role assignment
If you select this option, you will either have to create a custom role covering the required rights or you will have to manually assign the security roles. 

❾ Server Version
This field informs you about the current AttachmentExtractor version on your instance. 

Step 5: Save your service
No matter how detailed you have configured your service, please click on the [Save Service]-button in the right lower corner in order to proceed. 

Click on the [OK]-button in the window that appears now.

Figure 11: AttachmentExtractor Service Setup


Please note: Do not close the following window or navigate away as long as the serivce is saved. Instead, have a break and enjoy some coffee or tea.

Figure 12: Saving the service


Step 6: Service Configuration Completed

As soon as the service configuration is completed, you will be informed about the next steps you can take. Click on the License Status-option in order to check your license status. Please read the instructions carefully and click on the [OK]-button in order to proceed.

Figure 13: Service Configuration Completed


Step 7: Start your service

Congratulation! You have finished the configuration of your service. You are now redirected to the service configuration overview. Using the buttons at the end of the service overview, you can define which steps you would like to take next. Please find a brief description of the buttons below.

Figure 14: Configuration buttons


The [Add service]-button
Simply click on the [Add]-button (+) in order to create a new AttachmentExtractor Service. 

Please click on the [Configure Service]-button (monkey wrench) in order to modify the DocumentsCorePack Service settings. A double click on the service you would like to modify has the same effect. 

❷ The [View & Install License]-button
Click this button in order to check your license state or to install a new license.

❸ The [View Service Logs]-button
A click on this button will provide you with an overview of the latest event log entries for your service. Double-click a certain row in order to see details. 

❹ The [View Version Info]-button
Click this button in order to receive information on your CRM version and the AttachmentExtractor version.

❺ The [Play Service]-button
Click on this button in order to start your service. 

❻ The [Stop Service]-button
Click on this button in order to stop your service.

❼ The [View Progress & history]-button
A click on this button will provide you with an overview of the extraction progress and failed extractions.

❽ The [Reset extraction]-button
Click on this button in order to reset all previous extractions.

The [Move Service]-button and 
A click on this button enables yout to move the service to another instance.       

The [Delete Service]-button  
With a click on the Garbage bin, you have the possibility to delete a services.

Please note, that this step will delete the service configuration and the AttachmentExtractor Service, but it will NOT delete the CRM solutions referring to AttachmentExtractor. These solutions must be deleted manually.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to

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