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Boolean Fields in DocumentsCorePack

With version 7.106 or higher of DocumentsCorePack Client, its users are enabled to use an extended functionality, the so called Boolean Fields. Boolean fields are, for example, all the Do not allow…-fields. 

To learn if a field has the full functionalities of a boolean field, simply move the cursor over the field and you will be provided with all the information regarding to the field.
We have selected the Do not allow Mails-field as an example.

Figure 1: Field information

Up to version 7.106, users would only be able to insert Yes/No, True/False or 1/0 values, but with the boolean fields, they can decide whether they want to insert a checkbox instead.

Anyway, whenever you insert a Boolean field, you will be asked if you want to insert the field as a checkbox. Should you require basic information on how to insert a field, please click here.

Figure 2: DocumentsCorePack question box 

When you click on the [YES]-button, a checkbox will be inserted into the field.

Figure 3: Inserted checkbox with value 

Once merged, the status of the check box corresponds to the CRM value.

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