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Change Default settings for ActivityTool

ActivityTools default user settings can be predefined as follows:

Define the default settings for EmailPreview

Create a new settingskey called DefaultViewEmail as described here. 

The Value should look similar to this :


Explanation of values:

Value 203 (First option):
A flag collection of email states to display:

Draft = 1,           
Completed = 2,            
Sent = 4,            
Received = 8,            
Canceled = 16,            
PendingSend = 32,            
Sending = 64,            
Failed = 128

Calculate the sum of the states you want to display and change the
value accordingly (e.g. 255 for all states)

Value 50 (Second option)
Items displayed per page, available values are 10, 25, 50, 100

Value eListView (Third option)
Selects the default view.

Available options are :

eThreadedBySubject: Group by Subject
eThreadedByRegarding: Group By Regarding
eGroupByDate: Group By Date
eListView: ListView
eThreadedByRegardingNameAsc: Group By Regarding, Ascending by name
eThreadedByRegardingNameDesc: Group By Regarding, Decending by name
eThreadedBySubjectAsc: Group By Subject, Ascending by name
eThreadedBySubjectDesc: Group By Subject, Decending by name
eThreadedBySenderAsc: Group By Sender, Ascending by name
eThreadedBySenderDesc: Group By Sender, Decending by name
Group By Regarding, exclude items with no regarding

Value 127 (Fourth option):
A flag collection of email fields to search :

From = 1,            
To = 2,            
Subject = 4,            
Detail = 8,            
Regarding = 16,            
CC = 32,            
BCC = 64

Calculate the sum of the states you want to search and change the
value accordingly (e.g. 127 for all fields)

Value 30000 (Fifth Option):
Do not change

Value 30 (Sixth option):
TimeRange to show:

All = 0,
Today = 1
Week = 7
30 Days = 30
90 Days = 90
6 Month = 180
Year = 365

Other options:
Do not change

Define the default settings for ActivtyPreview

Create a new settingskey DefaultViewActivity

The Value should look similar to this:


Value "4202|4212|4206|4214|4210|4207|4208|4201|4204|4209|4406|4411|4402" 

First option

Pipe seperated Value List of activtyentitytypecodes to display, see CRM Documentation
for details on the typecodes.

All other options are identical to emailPreview, except value 4,
which is ignoring all fields but subject and detail.

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