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Checkin/checkout issue when uploading documents to SharePoint via DocumentsCorePack

This blog article outlines how to act if you are facing the checkin/checkout issue when uploading documents to SharePoint via DocumentsCorePack. To be more specific - you have enabled the versioning in SharePoint but DocumentsCorePack is creating new documents every time instead of updating the existing ones. The documents are getting generated without versioning instead it is creating new documents with la el suffixed as (1).  

For example:
Test Document
Test Document(1)
Test Document(2)

That´s because of per default our DocumentsCorePack does not support versioning on SharePoint. To activate versioning, please make sure that you are using the latest version DocumentsCorePack, which can be found here and enable the 2 settings displayed in the figure below.

To do so, please open your Dynamics 365, navigate to Settings and select DocumentsCorePack. In the General Settings-tab please scroll down to the SharePoint Settings-area and enable the two settings highlighted in yellow.  


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