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Chrome External Protocol Message does not pop up

What to do if Chrome External Protocol Message does not pop up

If the [DocumentsCorePack]- and/or the [TelephoneIntegration (Call)]- button do not work with Chrome, you may have skipped an important message.

The first time, you click our [Print in Word]-button, a message - box appears, which asks you if you want to allow

the external protocoll of our product. If you did not click Launch App and checked the remember settings - checkbox,

the Message will not reappear. 


Figure 1: External Protocol Request Message Box


To undo this, you have to search for the Local State file in the Chrome config:

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State

Open this file and search for mscrm, remove the following statement and save it over the old file.

  "mscrm-addons": {

            "cti": false,

            "dcp": false


This will make the warning appear again(this time select "Launch App"). Do the same with the  [Call]-Buttons of TelephoneIntegration, if necessary.

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