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How to add a language to DocumentsCorePack ServerBased dialog

This blog describes how to add a language to DocumentsCorePack ServerBased Dialog. Per default, English and German is provided.

Requirement: DocumentsCorePack ServerBased Dialog

Step-by-step description:

Open CRM and navigate to Settings:

Figure 1: Settings   

In the extension, navigate to Customization 

Figure 2: Customization

There, click on Customize the System

Figure 3: Customize the System

2) The Web Resources-window appears. There, click on Web Resources in the tree-view on the left and select ptm_dcp_dialoglocatlization.xml on the right with a double-click.

Figure 4: Web Resources window in CRM

3) In the window that opens now, click on Text Editor or on the URL.

Figure 5: Text Editor version of the German XML language file.

4) Next, copy the whole Web Resource content into any editor starting with to . Replace the LCID with the apropriate LCID. 1033 is, for example, French for France. Click here to get an overview no different Locale ID Values. 

It should look like following:



5) Once the translation has been finished, save the new file locally.

6) Next, create a new Web Resource and name as you wish.

Figure 6: Create a new web resource

7) Then publish your settings 

Figure 7: Publish your settings

8) Next, a new SettingsKey needs to be created. To do so, go back to the Settings-area in CRM. Within the Settings, go to Products and select AutoMerge

Figure 8: Products in CRM

9) Now click on the drop down next to AutoMerge in the main navigation area and click on Settings Keys.

Figure 9: Drop down menu next to AutoMerge

10) Click on the [+ADD NEW SettingsKey]-button.  

Figure 10: Click on [+ADD NEW Settingskey]

Please enter CustomLanguageFileWebResourceName as Name* for the new Settingskey and type in the name of the WebResource you have created in step 6 in the KeyValue

Figure 11: Enter Name and KeyValue

11) All that is left to do, is to click on the [Save and Close]-button in your settings.

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