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DCP Troubleshooting: Description Field problem

This article describes how to solve the description field problem in DocumentsCorePack. If you try to create an activity and it fails with the soap Exception you see below, it is due to the limitation of length of the “CRM description-field”. 

Figure 1: SOAP EXception error.

There are three possibilities to solve this problem:
1) By customizing the “letter”-entity
2) By disabeling DCP description
3) By cutting the DCP description

1) Customize “letter”-entity
To do this, open CRM, click on "Settings" ---> "Customizations" ---> “Customize the System”.  

Figure 2: Customization in your CRM system.

In the next window, search for the entity “lettter” in the tree view on the left, chose “Fields” in the drop-down list and scroll down to “description”. (See next screenshot)

Figure 3: Description field in CRM 

Open “description” with a double-click. Now you can change the value of the field “Maximum Length”. (See screenshot below)

Figure 4: Description of letter

Next, click on “Save and Close”. Once you changed the value, click on “Publish All Customizations”.

Figure 5: Save, close and publish your customizations

2) Disable DCP description
The second option would be, disabeling DCP description. This can be done by a new "Settings-key" for DocumentsCorePack. (Possible since DCP Client v4.53). Learn how to create a new Settingskey here

Name the new settingskey "DoNotFillDescriptionField", set “IsCached” with “No” and give it a value "true" (field blank) and “Save” your settings. 

Figure 6: New settingskey settings

Now you have disabled the DocumentsCorePack description field.

3) Cut DCP description
The third option would be by cutting the DCP description. The number of character is either the same (in our example its “2000”) or smaller than the actual length attribute. For example if you type in a value of “1000”, then “1000” character will be filled into the description field and the rest is cut.

This can be done in the products settings key. Follow the steps described in the second option, to generate a new settings key. Set the name with “DoNotFillDesciptionField”, set “IsCached” with “No” and give it a value “1000” and “Save” your settings. (See next screenshot).

Figure 7: Cut the DCP description

Now you have set the option to only show 1000 signs and cut the rest.

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