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Additional format and display functions for field-templates (.docx)

This article describes additional format and display functions for DocumentsCorePack field-templates (.docx) v6.10 and higher. These functions are available for every field in the functionalities below listed. 

1) Document Name
2) Insert QR Code-Field
3) Insert Advanced String-Field
4) Insert Hyperlink

Figure 1: Insert Computed field 

Additonal format and display functions:
Type in the following functions directly after a field name to get the result listed below. The format and display functions only applies for the field before. 


functionality possible field-name results
<>.pos(x,y) will insert y signs from the xth position. 123456
<>.left(x) will insert the first x – signs. E.g.: <>.left(5) mscrm
<>.right(x) will insert the last x signs of the string. E.g.: <>.right(3) com
<>.upper() displays all values in the field bevore in capital letters. MSCRM-ADDONS.COM
<>.lower() displays all values in the field bevore in small letters.
<>.caps() displays the first letter in the field bevore as capital letter.
<>.firstcaps() displays the first letter in a sentance in capital letter. E.g. a note content. is a corporation sector of ptm edv-systems gmbh.
<>.invert() reverses every format and disply option. before:


















The following functionalities apply for a single document:



generates a unique serial number for every merged document. E.g. if you have one document and you merge it 50 times, you get 50 different serial numbers. This allows you to have a better and more structured overview. b8a4d649-342e-4bfc-9a6f-b4afd4741b4a


_RCTest_ b8a4d649-342e-4bfc-9a6f



NOTE: if you want to have a blank between date and hour, plese set a tickmark before and after the blank

DATETIME(DD.MMMM.YY ' ' mm:ss, de-DE)

inserts the actual and local date and time into the document when the merge process is triggered. The result depends on the country where the document has been triggered.             

There are many different formatting options for displaying the culture name for different countries. E.g. If you merge your document in Austria but want the information to be displayed in US-format. For more information please click here.

For more information about the different cultures which can be displayed, please click here.
06.12.2013 16:06


06.Dezember.13 16:06






















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