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DocumentsCorePack FileExplorer in IFD environment

This article is about the DocumentsCorePack (DCP) FileExplorer in IFD environments for CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Basically, DocumentsCorePack's FileExplorer is not supported in CRM IFD environments. Nevertheless, it could be possibly working. If you want to try to configure it, follow this article.


  • The embedded File Explorer only works in Internet Explorer (does not work in any other browser and is not tested with MS Edge).
  • FileExplorer won’t work when accessing CRM from outside the local network.
  • When launching FileExplorer with the IE-Dev-Tool opened, you will notice a security warning regarding to mixed http and https.
  • There is no further development planned!
  • In combination with IFD, FileExplorer integration is not covered by the support contract. 

Steps to configure

These steps have to be performed after the default installation of DocumentsCorePack Server part without any special configurations (do NOT run the IFD tool for DCP).
  1. Change the connection type of the DCP profile to 0:
    Open the registry of your CRM server > Local Machine > Software > PTM EDV-Systeme > AutoMergeServer > ActiveProfile

    Figure 1: Registry editor
  2.  Look for the connection-profile with this ID in Profiles and set CrmConnectionType to 0.

    Figure 2: CrmConnectionType 

  3. Internet Information Services Settings
    The DCP-Website must have an http-binding including a free port. To ensure that, open the IIS Manager and select the DocumentsCorePackserver-website and check the bindings. Remember the port: Its value will be required in the next steps. 
    As well in IIS Manager, ensure that the Managed pipeline mode of the DocumentsCorePackserverPool- Application Pool is set to Classic

    Figure 3: Edit Application Pool

  4. Navigate to CRM > Settings > Products and open DocumentsCorePack. In the below grid, all settingskeys will be listed.
    For DCP File Explorer only, follow A. If you also use DCP Server based (e.g. CRM workflows) to store documents to the FileShare, follow B.

    1. Open the WebApplicationPort-setting and change its KeyValue to assigned port of the DCP Website.

      Figure 4: WebApplicationPort

      And Open “DCPServerUrl” and change its “KeyValue” to “http://+[CRM server URL]: 

      Figure 5: DCPServerURL

    2. Open WebApplicationPort-setting and change its KeyValue to “http://+[CRM server URL + Port of website in IIS] +/fileexplorer/fileexplorer.aspx?testp=|”:

      Figure 6: Define the WebApplicationPort KeyValue

      And Open DCPServerUrl and change its KeyValue to http://+[CRM server URL]:[port of DCP website]:

      Figure 7: Define the DCPServerURL KeyValue

      Please note: The [OpenDocument]-button is NOT supported in this case!

  5. Define Server-based user (only necessary if you use DCP ServerBased)
    Go to CRM > Settings > Solutions > and open AutoMergeServerCore. Its ConfigPage will load. Use it to define a user which have enough permission to access the file share and CRM (in doubt, a local and CRM admin).

    Figure 8: DCP Server-based Config

  6. Permission: Give everyone full access on the file share and its sub folders (required).

  7. Define a user which is a CRM admin and local admin in the DCP webconfig. To do so, open the DocumentsCorePack web.config-file of the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH\AutoMerge Server for MS CRM 2015\web.config) and modify the identity-node: 

    Figure 9: web.config-file of the installation directory 

  8. Make the website work within CRM: Open the InternetExplorer settings and allow mixed content.

    Figure 10: InternetExplorer Settings


Trouble Shooting

  • This error could appear when you open the website:

    Figure 11: Server Error in '/' application

    To resolve it, open the web.config of the installation directory of DCP Server part and remove both lines starting with Infragistics2. In addition, change the targetFramework of compilation to 4.0 (if not already done).

  • This error could appear when you try to save files to FileShare:

    File is not saved to file share.

    Activate debugging of DCP FileExplorer (see Solution 2: SERVER SOLUTION): link
    If generating documents via DCP server based (e.g. from a CRM Workflow), activate server based debugging as well: link
    You can find the log-files in the subfolder Log of the installation directory of DCP Server part.

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