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DocumentsCorePack Online Service Configuration

This blog article outlines how easy it is to set up the DocumentsCorePack Online Service Configuration. Additionally please also find our video tutorial for DocumentsCorePack that shows how to start the DCP Online Configuration, here

Please follow the below step-by-step tutorial in order to start a DocumentsCorePack  Online Service properly.

Step 1: Open the Online Configuration Service
One possible way to start a new DocumentsCorePack Online Service Configuration is via our website On our website, please navigate to ❶ Products, select DocumentsCorePack and then, click on the  [Configure Service]-button.

The registration is quick and free. Once logged in, you will: 

  • have access to all our free 14-days trial versions
  • be able to request full support on all trial versions
  • receive our newsletter
  • be able to upgrade free trial versions to licensed products

So – if you haven’t registered yet – it’s worth a try!

Step 2: The Online Configuration window
Once you have logged in, you will be provided with the Online Configuration window. Please note: If you have already configured a service, you get an overview of your hosted service(s) 

 If there is no service configured,  you can set up a service with a click on the [Add]-button .



Now the following window appears. It is important that you do not close this window or navigate away. 


You are now back in the same window as before. This window supports you in creating a new service.


❶ Service Name
Please enter your service name here. But choose wisely, because the name cannot be changed anymore         

❷ DocumentsCorePack Instance
Please select on which instance the DocumentsCorePack Service should run. The instance with the highest bandwidth is automatically selected for you. 

❸ SharePoint Integration
Please select if you want to enable CRM integrated SharePoint, which allows DocumentsCorePack to connect to SharePoint and upload documents. Once you enable this option, two fields appear where you have to enter your SharePoint credentials. 

Show Advanced Options (Optional)
A click on this button, allows you to refine the settings of your new service.  More information about this options can be found in the corresponding documentation on page 19. 

Next, click on the [Save Service]-button in the right lower corner in order to proceed. Click on the [OK]-button in the window that appears now (see figure below).


 Do not close the following window or navigate away as long as the service is saved. Instead, have a break and enjoy some coffee or tea.


Step 3: Service Configuration Completed
As soon as the service configuration is completed, you will be informed about the next steps you can take. Click on the License Status-option in order to check your license status. Please read the instructions carefully and click on the [OK]-button in order to proceed.


Step 4: Watch your service running
Congratulation! You have finished the configuration of your service. You are now redirected to the service configuration overview. The DocumentsCorePack service is already running. Using the buttons at the end of the service overview, you can define which steps you would like to take next. Please find a brief description of the DocumentsCorePack buttons in the corresponding documentation at page 10. 


That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to



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