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Dynamics 365 JavaScript web request error

With the latest Dynamics 365 update there was a change in the web endpoint behavior.

If our add-ons try to execute a JavaScript fetch request, it will fail and you will get errors like:
“error get user privileges: Invalid XML” or “500 (Internal Server Error)” or anything similar.

This article shows how to check if this is the reason for the error and how it can be resolved.

Ensure that this is the reason

Please check the following:

First: Web browser -> CRM -> Settings (wheel) -> About
The version must be or higher

Second: Web browser -> CRM -> Settings -> Solution -> look for “MSCRMADDONScomGeneral”
Its version must be in the range from 2017.1 to 2017.6

If both is the case, please follow the instructions of this article. Otherwise, please contact or support. 

How to solve

For organizations WITH ActivityTools installed
Just update to the latest ActivityTools version (2017.8) from our website:


For organizations WITHOUT ActivityTools
Please update to the latest General solution manually:
To do so, download the MSCRMADDONScomGeneral solution version 2017.7:

Then open CRM -> Settings -> Solutions -> Import -> follow the wizard in order to import the solution.
It will tell you that a same named solution is already installed. At this page just ensure that “Stage for upgrade” is NOT checked.

In case of any questions or problems, please contact our support:

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