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FAQ on AttachmentExtractor

This article provides you with a collection of frequently asked questions regarding AttachmentExtractor.

Should you be confronted with a certain issue regarding AttachmentExtractor, you might find the answer here.

If not, do not hesitate to contact our support via


1 What is AttachmentExtractor used for?

AttachmentExtractor was generated to extract attachments, notes or emails/email content safely from Dynamics 365 to locations like SharePoint or a file share.

This action saves a lot of time and money, because

a) you do not have to manually extract the files to a more economical location like SharePoint or a file share.

b) using AttachmentExtractor leads to a cost reduction, that can be easily checked:
     While one GB/month of CRM Online storage costs 9,99 USD, one GB/month of SharePoint storage costs 0,2 USD. Just do the math!


2 Why aren’t my attachments being extracted?

This is one of the most common questions our support deals with. Besides, it is also the most difficult question to answer, because there is more than one possible reason for this issue.

Now, simply go through the below checklist. The solution for your issue might be only a click away.  

 Are your User Credentials correct? Did you double check them?

Do you use the right filetype? Did you select the correct one?

What about the file size? Did you select the smallest possible file size?

3 What do the different AttachmentExtractor buttons mean?

Please have a look at our AttachmentExtractor user guide. All the buttons and functionalities of AttachmentExtractor are explained there.


It is possible that the answer to your question is not listed above yet. In that case, do not hesitate to contact our support.

But of course, we will make sure that our AttachmentExtractor FAQs are updated on a regularly base.


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