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Getting Started–Post AppSource Installation Steps on GroupCalendar

Thank you for deploying our MSCRM-ADDON GroupCalendar to your environment!

Still, there are a few brief steps that must be performed in order to finalize the setup.

1) Open the Getting Started Area
    In your Dynamics 365 environment, navigate to the Getting Started Area
    (Dynamics 365 > Settings > GroupCalendar)

2) Login and continue
    Next, enter your email address into the provided form or login to the Getting Started Area with an
    existing MSCRM-ADDONS user account.
    The Email address will be used to provide you with technical information only. 
    Click on the [Continue]-button in order to proceed.

3) Activate your GroupCalendar service
    Now please activate your trial by providing an Office 365 user.

4) Assign the GroupCalendar security roles
    Last but not least, please add the following security roles to your users:
     > mscrm-addons general security role
     > GC AutoUpdate

That’s it! Thank you very much for your time! We hope you enjoy GroupCalendar!

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